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Grooming For The Exotic Male Dancer -- These Tips And Suggestions Will Work For Dancers -- As Well As Customers

Photo Source: Males In Motion   Model: Clay
   Those of you who know me in person, know that this is not an area that I'm an expert in. Now, that doesn't mean that I walk around like a Neanderthal. I'm just saying that there are other people in this world who have a much better grasp on this topic than I do. So, hopefully in this blog I can provide a few links or embed a few videos that will help those of you who might be looking for tips and suggestions on grooming and personal hygiene. You'll find links and clips at the end of this blog.

Photo Source: Men Of Skin   Dancer: Zephrim
   While doing some basic online research for this blog, I came across and watched many YouTube videos that provide tips and suggestions for everything from skin care to removing hair from your butt hole. There are various schools of thought on body hair. There is one group that promote keeping everything natural. There is another group that think everything should be shaved. What do you think?

Photo Source: Piranha Nightclub ~ Las Vegas, NV   Dancer: Gio
   As a customer and fan of exotic male dancers, I expect the male dancers to be clean, well groomed, have fresh breath, smell nice, and keep their bodies in great shape. A customer and fan should think about some of these issues as well. After a few drinks, have you ever considered the effect your breath has on those around you? And a hard night of partying can sometimes work up a sweat. When you lean in to tip that male dancer, are you offending his sense of smell? Is he offending you?
   There are five areas of personal grooming that should be important to the exotic male dancer: Hair Care, Nail Care, Skin Care, Fresh Breath and Body Fragrance. And this is barely scratching the surface. The beauty of the internet is that you can find 'how to' videos on everything you can imagine. So, if there is a topic in which you'd like more information than I have listed, you can Google it and find enough material to either watch or read and keep you busy for weeks. You can also search YouTube and find many, many related videos. I've added a few below that I felt could provide some basic grooming tips. I haven't touched on skin care for the most part. That can be different for various skin types.
10 Grooming Tips
   It's important for a male dancer to take care of the hair on his head, face and body. Below is a YouTube video from Alex Costa with 10 grooming tips. There are tips for body hair care, fragrance, nail care and more.
Butt Hair Removal
   I'm simply putting this in here because it might be a need for some. Also,the guy is humorous as well. Butt, if it helps someone with their grooming practices, then it is worth posting.
Bad Breath Remedy
   This video has some good suggestions with a full course of humor thrown in.
Natural Bad Breath Removal
   For those of you who like to follow a natural remedy for bad breath here is a video for you.
10 Grooming Hacks
   This guy promotes a couple of products in the video but he has several ideas that just might work for you.
Mens Style And Grooming Routine
   This guide for a grooming routine is based on Wella products. I don't make any money off of these products, but the guy is so hot, and it never hurts to add more eye candy into a blog. Enjoy! You're welcome! And he does actually have some good grooming tips.
   There are customers who like the musky smell of a natural man. I myself prefer a whiff of a nice cologne. There are customers who prefer longer hair on a male dancer. I myself like short hair. There are customers who like a man with a hairy chest and facial hair. I prefer smooth or trimmed chest. And as for facial hair, it just depends but I do like scruff. My advice about grooming is to base it all on what brings in the most tips. If you don't know what the customers like, ask them. Until next time, happy grooming!


Photo Source: Males In Motion

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