Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Male Strippers As Firemen

   The tall, broad-shouldered, handsome, dirty-faced fireman emerges through the flames of the burning building as smoke billows out the door and windows. He is carrying a victim to safety, and of course, in our minds we are the victim and the fireman has come to our rescue. Then he takes his coat and shirt off leaving him bare-chested except for the suspenders...then I push the suspenders off his shoulders and oops, there go his pants. And it's amazing how many firemen wear red thongs, and...Well, that's my fantasy anyway.

   The sexual innuendo explodes when you discuss the exotic male dancer dressed as the fireman. We've all heard about the fireman's big hose, or how he slides down a pole. And over the years slang expressions related to fire, like smokin' and hot, have made their way into our common language as well. "I'm on fire and whoever can I find to put me out." (For the most dramatic effect, reread that quote with a southern accent while sipping a mint julep and sitting in a front-porch swing.)

   Behind every comment said in jest lies a kernel of truth. That tells me that we do enjoy men who have big hoses, and slide down poles. Well, on the pole part, some of our readers are more interested than others. For the women and straight guys, we recognize that you have pole parties of your own making. However, one thing that we can definitely agree on is that a hot man wearing a fireman's suit raises our internal temperature. Ask the opinion of those with a rubber fetish and I am confident they will join our fire brigade as well.

   Being on fire is an urgent matter even if the flames are emotionally charged with lust rather than those that leave burns on our skin. The exotic male dancer who walks on stage wearing the fireman's helmet and outfit immediately finds his place in our "hottest" daydream. Add flashing lights, some theater smoke, and the stage is set for a line of fans waving dollar bills hoping to ignite a little spark through strategic placement of tip money.

   Has there been a fireman who sat you on fire? Or at least an exotic male dancer dressed as one. Write a comment after this blog and let me know about your experience with the fireman. Or, you can click here and email me. Listen for the siren. "Come on baby light my fire."

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