Monday, May 31, 2010

Club Review: All Nude Arrow Club (Nashville, TN) (Closed...see update at end of blog)

Photo credits: SID NIAZI PHOTOGRAPHY, Arrow Club Website, Jay Hill

   The "full-package", that is what we are calling our latest favorite exotic male dancer, Jonas, from Arrow Club in Nashville, TN. First of all, the guy really can dance. Then add to that, he has a body that is in top physical condition. He has been blessed with all the right assets that we as fans go to full-nude male strip clubs to see. Let's face it ladies and gentlemen, Jonas is hot! He looks good in everything he puts on...and takes off! Jonas has fine-tuned the art of seduction on the stage and when backed with his gymnastic abilities, or talent with the pole (pun intended), he keeps your attention while your stack of $1 bills keeps getting lower and lower. And yes, he does have a "full-package".

   The true nature of a good male strip club can be found on "off-nights" or nights other than Friday or Saturday. On weekend nights there is usually a much larger crowd and as a result more tips for the dancers, bartenders, dj's and staff members. It would seem to be easier for performers and staff to be more 'up' for the weekend nights and understandably, they put more into those nights. On non-weekend nights such as Thursdays you can often catch a club a little off of there normal game... BUT NOT AT THE ARROW CLUB in Nashville, TN. These guys were full on, hot, and put on a great show!

   As everyone knows, many clubs do not really hit their groove until around 9:00 p.m. at the earliest, and most are even later. Club Arrow opens at 6:00 p.m. and as you might guess the dancers have a little down time before the audience begins to build. We arrived at about 7:00 p.m. and were greeted at the door by a dancer who goes by the name of Slayde. He was tall and tan with longish blond hair. (More about Slayde later). This was a great start for the night. Those of you that follow my blogs and reviews know that being greeted when entering the door is one of my pet peeves. So, I checked that off the list and entered the door feeling welcomed and ready to enjoy the show. Thanks Slayde, it makes a difference! We walked to the bar and paid our cover to Tim, the assistant manager. Tim is a gentleman and welcomed us warmly. He answered any questions we had and gave us the information we needed for a successful visit. Thanks Tim for making us feel at home.

   There were seven different dancers that performed during the 3 1/2 hours that we were at the club. Each would enter the stage and be introduced by the DJ. Their session usually lasted through two songs. The stage is similar to a fashion runway with a dancer pole at the end. We took our place right at the end of the runway and just below the pole. Ahum, yes, well...continuing...The small table and seats were comfortable and provided a great view. When we arrived we were the only guests in the club. I want to point out that at many of the clubs we have been to, they wait until a crowd has gathered before the dancers begin to start their sessions on the stage. However, at Arrow Club within the first 30 minutes after our arrival, the dancers began their sessions. This meant that at first, they were dancing only for us. I of course, had no problem with that arrangement. They gave us a quality show even though we were the only patrons in the club. In our opinion that is total professionalism. Please do not get the idea that the club remained a ghost town though, because other guests, both female and male, did arrive as the show continued.

   As stated at the beginning our favorite dancer was Jonas. for us, he is enough of a reason to return to the club, but there were other dancers worth mentioning as well. Slayde, who greeted us at the door, is very talented. He draws you in with a lot of eye contact, and a sly smile on his handsome face. And, he was equally "equipped" for the task as Jonas. He was also a favorite of the ladies but played well both to the ladies and the men in the crowd. Slayde has the ability to move his tall, slim, swimmer's build body in a very sensual way that was enjoyed by all. I like Slayde because he knows the game. He knows how to push buttons with moves, looks, and smiles. He is a lot of fun to watch. And it doesn't hurt that in one session he wore a cowboy hat. (Click here and read my blog, "Ride 'Em Cowboy!", about exotic male dancers as cowboys for more.)

    Colt, a new dancer, could have been that football linebacker in college that always caught your eye. He was stockier than most of the others, very friendly, and extremely cute. I noticed some of the ladies enjoying a little more personal attention from Colt with a lap dance or two. Colt dropped by our table earlier in the night for a chat. Yes, he was working us for a trip to the VIP room, but hey, that is the game. He gives me some personal attention and I tip while he is dancing. In many clubs the dancers can be pushy and aggressive when working the crowd for lap dances, etc., but Colt chatted, made his case, and then left it up to us if we wanted to enjoy his talents in a more personal way later. I like this approach.
   Casper has a face that can only be described as beautiful, eyes that will make you melt, a well-defined chest and abs, and one of those asses that all you can do is say "dayum". His sneak-a-peek strip style was hot and definitely kept you wanting more. We hope to have a little more personal time with Casper on our next visit.

   We recommend Arrow Club to all our readers, male and female. The club is a lot of fun on any night as we proved. If you are a female and an aficianado of large male endowments, or if you are what the gay community refers to as a "size queen", well, have no fear. Arrow Club delivers with each and every dancer. You will not only enjoy the full view, but might even be slightly impressed. We will return to Arrow Club and hopefully soon. We hope to catch some of the dancers that did not perform the night we were there, and of course, return for Jonas.

   NOTE: For first-timers to the club. The dancers while nude and dancing on the stage have to remain three feet away from the fans. The stage is designed to make this convenient. If the dancer is still in underwear, and close, you can tuck your tip, and we did. If he is nude, toss your money toward the stage and he will gather it up when he has completed his session. Also, buy a little extra to drink, I can guarantee that you will wind up staying longer than you originally planned. So, be sure you have enough to drink for the night. Arrow Club is a BYOB (Bring Your Own BOOZE) club. You pay a fee for bringing the beer, wine, etc., into the club. And for those of you worrying that it may cost too much, we found that buying the liquor ourself, paying the fee, and tipping the bartender who helped us with glasses and ice was no more expensive than drinking the same amount in a non-BYOB club. The night we were there we paid a $10 cover charge as well. This is an average amount around the country for full-nude clubs. We have never paid less, but have often paid even more.

   If you are in the Nashville, TN area or planning a trip to the city, you owe it to yourself to drop in at Arrow Club to see the boys. It is a destination all in itself. If you have been to the club, share your experience with us. We would love to hear about the dancers you enjoyed. Leave us a comment at the bottom of this blog, or click here and send me an email. You can find Arrow Club online at their Facebook page and website. There is also a facebook fan page. Also, please visit the facebook page of a great photographer, Sid Niazi who was at the club the night we were there.

Until next time, tuck or toss a tip for me.

UPDATE: Some of the dancers from Club Arrow have formed a male revue group called Men of Arrow. We were pleased to hear that Jonas, one of our 2010 TOP 10 Exotic Male Dancers, performs in the group. Find out their scheduled appearances and more on their facebook page. 2011 UPDATE: Click here and read a blog featuring The Men Of Arrow from Nashville, TN.


  1. Replies
    1. It was the Arrow Club in Nashville, TN. It closed a couple of years ago.

  2. Since there is no longer a male strip club in the downtown Nashville would one go about becoming a male stripper in Nashville .. Are there really no other locations??

  3. is this club ever going to open again in another location and what happen to the owner and dancers. my dream is to open a male strip club in this city we need it.

  4. I do not see anything wrong with a male strip club and I would have party rooms for bridal parties as well in my club this is my dream. how can we get this train running again in a new location ?