Thursday, May 13, 2010

Club Review: END UP CLUB in Tulsa, OK

   Males In Motion dropped by the End Up Club in Tulsa, OK on Sunday, May 9 while visiting some friends in that city. We arrived shortly before 10:00 p.m. and were warmly greeted by David, one of the bartenders. There were no dancers or other patrons at the club at this time. There was another staff member or bartender behind the bar but he never came over to greet us. David's charm kept us entertained while we waited. I will also add that David is cute, friendly and attentive. We both had beers (in bottle) which were priced at $2.75 for domestic and $3.75 for the Dos Equus that I had. We tipped David and chatted for a few minutes.

   A dancer named TJ arrived around 10:30 pm and after taking care of some personal business on the cell phone, greeted us and asked our names. He informed us that he would be dancing in a few minutes and hoped we would come join him over by the dancer pole. He left and went to change clothes. In a few minutes he returned wearing a pair of light blue underwear that fit him nicely. He was slim, dark hair, cute face, and in his early twenties. At this time several other patrons had entered the bar and TJ made his way around the room greeting everyone. He returned to us and chatted for a few minutes, then headed to the pole and started dancing.

   You never know whether an exotic male dancer is actually a "dancer" or just a pretty boy shuffling his feet but TJ could dance, and knew how to entice the crowd. The small crowd in the bar made it's way over to TJ and began tipping him. After TJ had received several tips, we made our way over and did the same.

   We had to leave early for a two hour drive so were unable to stay any longer. Will we be back? Yes. There were two things that I personally liked about our short night at The End Up Club in Tulsa, OK. First, we were warmly greeted as soon as we walked through the door by David, the bartender. This made us feel welcome. Then he hung around and chatted with us a while. David knows good customer service. This is always a plus in our eyes.

   Second, TJ made it a point to go around to everyone in the bar and greet them. We are not naive, he could be totally motivated by the possibility of tips but so what. We have been in bars where dancers would go to the "regulars" and ignore everyone else in the bar. TJ stopped and spent some time chatting with us. We responded and tipped him. That's the game, we get attention from a cute male dancer, and we give tips. And, next time we visit, and we will go back, we will look for TJ and David. Thanks guys for making our short visit enjoyable.

   If you would like to share an experience from the End Up Club in Tulsa, OK please add a comment to this blog or email me at This weekend go out and enjoy the boyz. Tip a hot dancer for me!!!

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