Wednesday, April 27, 2011

REWIND: Where's The Beef?

   Back in the '80s there was a commercial for Wendy's where an elderly woman buys a hamburger at the drive-thru window. When she opens up the bun, the meat pattie is tiny. She then exclaims, "Where's The Beef?" This became a catch phrase of the time. You can find the commercial by searching for 'Where's the Beef?' on YouTube. For a while I've had a small pet peeve that I've wanted to address but was waiting for the right moment to address it. The moment has come. I am wondering Where's The Beef? in club and event advertising? Specifically, why do gay clubs create posters for advertising to gay men and announce a drag show and go-go dancers but only put pictures of drag queens on the poster? Let me first state that I do enjoy a quality show performed by one or more drag queens. So, for all my drag queen friends, and I know the divas that you are, please realize that I am not trying to steal the spotlight from you. I'm just trying to give our show, event and club promoters a little guidance.

   Gay men and straight women like exotic male dancers!!! When a male revue show for the ladies creates advertising, they do not place their main emphasis on the Master of Ceremonies for the night. Unless of course, that Master of Ceremonies is a hottie, or perhaps one of the dancers as well. Doesn't it make sense that you would place a pic of a hot guy wearing little or no clothing on a poster to attract gay men to your club, event, or show, instead of a single photo of a man dressed as a woman? The female impersonators, illusionists, and drag queens all have a place in the enterainment world and provide a lot of fun nights for both the gay and straight crowds. If a drag queen is the headliner, then definitely give her the biggest pic and text. But, if you truly have hot male dancers and you want to attract the gay men then "show some skin and the crowd will come in".

   Here's my practical take on the matter. When you advertise a drag show you are already going to appeal to those who are wanting to attend a drag show and support their favorite "queens". If you add a sexy pic of one or more go-go dancers or male strippers to your banners, posters, etc., then you add another element and can appeal also to the fans of exotic male dancers who might not otherwise attend a drag show. Doesn't that make sense?

   My goal here is not to take anything away from the female impersonators but to help bring in a larger audience to the club or event. Of course, there are drag shows that do not have go-go dancers or exotic male dancers before, during or after the show. In that case, there is no need to promote male dancers. But, when there are exotic male dancers before, during or after the show, let them be seen and not just read about in the text. The images are a much more powerful draw to gay men than text.

   Until next time, be sure and tip the beef! And please, be sure and tip the "ladies" as well. I do not want to get in trouble with my drag queen friends. Click on the pics in the blog to see their Facebook promos.

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