Saturday, April 16, 2011

Doing It Texas Style! ~ Exotic Male Dancer ~ Dorian

   Let's just state it up front, loud and clear -- You can't go wrong if Dorian is dancing for your club or event. Dorian brings the party! First of all, just look at that smile. (No, not there, I said, "Look at that smile!") One glance and you can't help but smile back! It is contagious. And then of course, you have noticed that he possesses other assets that could possibly catch your attention. For instance, a tall, killer body, handsome face, and muscles all around. And yes, there is the obvious "blessing" below the belt. I tried to select more pictures that didn't emphasize the pouch of his briefs but I wasn't very successful. I kept being drawn in that direction. Hmmmmm, imagine that!

   Not to break the hearts of the gay men reading this blog, but Dorian does love the ladies. At the same time, let it be known that Dorian is a balanced and confident entertainer, he dances for the guys and girls equally. But in his private time, he prefers to be with the ladies. I heard that cheer from my female readers! Go girls! That works for me. With his hot looks, and professional demeanor, he'll make sure everyone in the house is having a good time.

   Dorian caught our attention several months ago when we noticed that he danced at several different clubs in the Dallas area. We liked what we saw and selected him as one of our Males In Motion Valentine's back in February. We've also chosen to add his pic in a few of our blogs.

   Dorian is definitely nice "eye candy" but he's also a nice guy. He's worth getting to know. Check his Facebook page to see where he will be performing. There are also a lot more hot pics of Dorian in his Facebook photo albums.

   Be sure to check out Dorian's YouTube channel to see him in action! And if you live in the Dallas area or get the chance to travel there for a visit, stop in and place a few tips in Dorian's waistband. Tell him Mike from Males In Motion said "Keep on doing it Texas style. We like it!" Ok, in this pic it shows an armband where the tip is located. Well, all I'm saying is that is not where my dollar is going to go. *woohoo* Until next time, keep the boyz dancing...slip a dollar in!

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  1. Dorian is always not only great to look at, but a great guy with a super smile (and I didn't mention what you referred to earlier Michael! )