Thursday, March 31, 2011

Selecting A Male Stripper For Your Event Or Private Party

   Honestly, I do not like having to cold call a male stripper agency to hire a male stripper for a party or club appearance. Unless you have previous experience with the agency, you never know exactly what you are getting. For example, there are several websites that advertise for male strippers across the United States. It is amazing how many of these have the same dancers in their galleries of photos. One dancer in Miami, FL could also be listed in Portland, OR and you pay the same rate. So, if I select a dancer from the website for a party in Portland, is he in Miami or Portland? And if he is in Miami does he fly all the way to Portland, OR at his expense for my party? Well, of course not! The websites are fraudulent. They may have dancers but they are not always the ones shown in the photos. And I've also noticed something else about these photos, they are the same photos the dancers were using almost 8 years ago when I started Males In Motion. I need to learn their secrets to see how they keep from aging. *Wink* In order to help my blog readers avoid a costly mishap I want to provide a little guidance on selecting a male stripper for your event or private party.

   First, if you are selecting a male stripper from an online source based on the picture of a hot guy, then be sure the first question you ask when the phone is answered, is.."Will I get the same dancer at my party that you are showing on your website?" And if he has a name beside his pic, be sure and say his name. If the answer is no, then please realize that you have already been deceived once, do you want to continue with this agency? If you do want to continue because maybe this is the only agency advertising in your area, then ask them to email pics of their current dancers to you so you can make a selection. If they say they do not have any, then hang up. If they have them and will send them, then ask if the pics are current. If they say no, then ask them when the pics were taken, or go a step further and ask them to take a pic of the dancers with their cell phone and text them to you. If they still make excuses, hang up. If you don't hang up at this point, then you deserve what you get!

   I am speaking from experience. A few years ago I hired a dancer to pose for promotional pictures for my website. Being naive at the time, I based my decision mainly on the "hot" pics of this dancer that were posted on his website. And I assure you he was hot and the promotional pics would have been too, except when he arrived, he looked nothing like his pics. I had been smart enough to ask him if the pics were current. He said they were about a year old and he had put on about 30 lbs. in muscle since they were taken. That was my red flag but I was really happy thinking I was getting a dancer that was so hot, so I continued. Well, as you might guess, the muscle was "table muscles". He had gained at least 30 lbs. and although there was a hint of the former dancer in his face. He did not look like the pic. He had also died his hair which gave him a totally different look as well. So, I was the moron that day. But even after that, I was still trying to deny my goof up, I went ahead with the photo shoot. In my head I created this fantasy that I could crop the pics and make them work. It was a costly mistake. And one, I will not make again.

   If at all possible, hire a dancer that you have seen "caught in the act". In other words, a male dancer that you have seen at a club, a private party, or even in a YouTube video. At least that way you have an idea of what you are getting. By selecting a male stripper that you have actually seen, you can assess his value based on the following criteria:
    Guidelines for selecting a male stripper
  • Positive interaction with the audience...It's all about customer service.
  • Physical appearance...Will his physical attributes add to your party atmosphere?
  • Costume selection...what does he wear and how good does it look on him?
  • Dancing ability...if you are wanting more than just "eye candy", can he dance?
  • Price of the he worth what you will have to pay?
  • Audience Type...Is he the right male stripper for the audience you will bring together?

   Let's look at each of the guidelines in more detail. First, how does this dancer react with the audience? Is he friendly and does he express thanks when tipped? You want a dancer that is approachable and acknowledges a tip when a guest gives him one. Watch out for the extreme social animals as well. Does he spend most of his session talking to his friends (or hitting on one of the guests) rather than doing his job?

   Does this dancer have the physical appearance that will appeal to your party guests? There is a wide variety of body types and looks in exotic male dancers. Some fans like slim, young twink dancers, others like muscular body builders, and there are also those that like the heavier, hairy bear types. I personally like the jocks and athletic looking guys. So, evaluate your crowd and try to select a dancer that will make the party more successful.

   What will the male dancer be wearing at your party? Will you make that call or will you allow him to select his own costumes? If you have a preference, let him know what you would like. If you do not have a preference, tell him to bring several different costume options. That way, if you don't like one, there will be others to choose from.

   Can he actually dance? I've said it many times before, there are some exotic male dancers who can really dance and are fun to watch. They can be sensual and teasing and add a lot to your party. There are other dancers who cannot dance. However, if they are there mostly for eye candy, do you really care whether they can dance or not? That is your call. My obvious preference is eye candy that can dance.

   How much is it going to cost to have this dancer perform at your party? Is he worth it? Evaluate his ability to add to your party. Also, make sure you ask how long he will be dancing. If you need him for 2 hours and he schedules you and charges you an amount for only one hour, your party favor will walk out the door before the party is over. It all depends on the type of event you are planning and how an exotic male dancer fits into the plan.

   NOTE: THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!! What type of audience will be at your party? Will the crowd consist of ladies only, men only, a mixture of both? If it is ladies only, you might want to consider hiring a dancer that is straight. If the crowd is gay men only well, of course, you might consider hiring a gay dancer. If you watched a dancer previously at another event and aren't sure and couldn't tell, then it doesn't matter. Some dancers have the ability to dance for men or women and can treat each one equally. Some cannot. I say this from experience. I have been to male strip clubs, and have watched male revue shows where the gay guys were much more friendly to the men and where the straight guys were distant until a female approached them. Getting a positive response from the male dancer will add to the experience your audience members will have at your party or event. A negative response will be remembered as well.

   I hope this helps in your selection of a male stripper for your event or private party. There are a lot of excellent male dancers out there. Find the one(s) that best fit your event or private party. And please, encourage your "crowd" to tip the boys...even if you are paying them. Tipping provides an interaction between audience member and male stripper that is fun, intimate, and will help create sordid tales about your event. Until next time, send me a party invitation.

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