Friday, March 18, 2011

Exotic Male Dancer ~ Efren Rodriguez ~ Monkey Business In San Diego

   There is a rumor going around that Efren Rodriguez has a monkey that once went down on a mermaid. It hasn't been confirmed but I have spoken to people who say it is true. Well, I haven't really spoken to them but I have read their posts on Facebook. So of course, it must be true. This and many other amazing partial conversations can be found in the world of Efren Rodriguez. I have often wondered just what I must have missed before I friended Efren on Facebook. Here's a quote from a recent post, "My favorite thing to do when I am stressed out, and tired and I have a day off is to get food from jack in the box and watch like 5 episodes of south park back to back." Anyone that likes south park gets a plus on my list. I mean laughter is good...mmmmkay!

   A favorite Efren post of mine is, "I can't see my toes cuz my d*ck gets in the way". That explains a confession that I need to make. You see, I am unable to hear or read some of the funny things that Efren says because I get distracted by the pouch. It happens like this, I first innocently notice his sexy eyes, great smile, pretty boy looks, but then my eyes begin to wander. They pause on that chest, well, you've seen it. And then they work their way down to the pouch...the pouch...oh, and did I mention the pouch? I'm sure you can understand.

   Efren dances for Global Male Productions and can be seen at many different venues in the San Diego area including Pan Dulce and other events held at Numbers. He can also be seen frequently in Weho. The best way to follow Efren is to check his Facebook page where he posts the locations of his weekly appearances.


"...and did I mention the pouch?"



The current Global Male Productions Calendar includes:

Every Tuesday
at Bourbon Street

Every Thursday
at Numbers

Every Friday
at Numbers

Every 2nd Saturday
at Numbers


   If you really want to see the monkey go down on the mermaid, search in Efren's Facebook photo albums. The picture is there. And if you live in, or will be going to the San Diego area, be sure and find out where Efren will be dancing. Tip him a dollar for me.

   Until next time, don't let your monkey get out of hand.

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