Thursday, March 10, 2011

Male Strippers Who Stroke...

   Alright, I admit it! The title of this blog, "Male Strippers Who Stroke..." is a tease. And the title is one of the major reasons you decided to read this blog. If you want to watch male strippers who stroke their large endowments, then I recommend you click here and visit Stock Bar in Montreal, and visit the "jack off" room on their website. If you are curious about the real story behind the blog title, keep reading and I'll fill you in.

   The main goal for any club owner is to make a financial profit. There are those who have already made their fortunes and invest in bars or clubs as tax write-offs or as pet projects, but those are few and far between. The majority of club owners are in it to hopefully have some fun, but definitely to make a financial profit and enjoy the standard of living they desire. With this fact as our base it becomes clear that the exotic male dancer is hired to dance in a bar or club to assist the club owner in generating revenue and making a financial profit. You can argue that it is to have nice "eye candy" or "sexy scenery" but if the night club isn't making money then the doors will eventually shut and everyone goes home to stay.

   If the exotic male dancer wants to be hired for the best gigs, and keep a full calendar of jobs, he must find ways to contribute to the profit of the bar or club owner. One easy way that this can be accomplished is to develop a following of fans. If you are hired to dance at a club and each time you show up, a full house of your fans show up too, then the club owner is more likely to invite you back. By bringing a following, the exotic male dancer is contributing to door cover receipts (if one is charged), bar receipts, and tips given to the entertainment, bartenders, staff, etc. This is a win-win for the bar or club owner.

   When I titled this blog "Male Strippers Who Stroke...", I am simply talking about stroking the egos of your fans. Please don't interpret this as being insincere, I am simply advising a dancer to pay attention to their fans. When someone tips you, let them know that you are grateful with a hug or kiss on the cheek. They are tipping not because they feel obligated, but because they are attracted to you for one reason or another. Spend a few minutes getting to know these people who are tipping you and create a following. When you bend down to give that hug, let them know where you'll be dancing the next night, or next weekend and invite them to join you. All it takes is, "hope you'll be there". You aren't promising anything extra, you're only expressing a desire that they go with you.

   When you show up to dance at a gig and the house is filled with a crowd that already likes you, then first of all, your tips will be good, the owner will be happy for the bar tabs that came with you, and your fans will enjoy being a part of your night. This all adds up to requests for return engagements at the same venue. The old saying applies, "If you'll scratch my back, then I'll scratch your's." If you help take care of the owner, then it is more likely that he or she will help take care of you.

   Until next time, stroke it.


Click a pic to find out more about that club. UPDATE: MJ's Bar has closed since the writing of this blog.



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