Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Tristan Effect ~ Exotic Male Dancer Tristan ~ Chicago

   It's contagious, causes a smile to form on your face, and seems to dissolve problems, worries, and the stresses of your week. We call it "The Tristan Effect". Once you have seen the smile, heard the laugh, and watched his hot body dance, you'll be under his influence too. Of course, expect other physical responses as well.

   Here's the scenario. You go to a bar because you "need a drink" after the week you've had. You walk in, order your favorite libation from the bartender, and then take a seat. A sigh escapes your lips. Looking up you see Tristan dancing on the platform in the middle of the bar. He looks your way, flashes that "glad to see you smile", and you begin to melt. Its only natural that you take a few minutes and drink him in from head to toe. See, you're already feeling relief.

   It only gets better. Step up and tip him and you'll see. We recommend a night around Tristan for what ails you. But you don't have to be stressed, it's ok to show up for the fun as well! You can often find Tristan dancing at Chicago area clubs such as Hunter's in Elk Grove Village and the Velvet Rope Lounge in Oak Park.




   Ok, I have struggled to retain my respectability during this blog but a Tristan fan can only take so for the lurid details behind the blog...Tristan is a total hottie. That body of his is amazing...and the ass, well, there aren't many that are any finer. He has that killer smile and a sparkle in his eyes. And he often wears thongs or skimpy briefs when he dances, I mean, when he does that I have thoughts. It happens. I'll admit it. Let's just say that I want to be that santa hat...look in his facebook photo albums and you'll know what I that out. I was about to burst! Until next time, feel the ripple. And tip the boys...Chicago, tip Tristan for me...then enjoy the smile.

Photos provided by Tristan and located in his facebook photo albums.

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