Thursday, March 24, 2011

Butt Seriously...Anatomy 101: The Male Stripper Butt

   In this blog we pause for a moment to celebrate the male behind. We especially want to show our appreciation for the exotic male dancers who know that their derriere is also their money maker and they dress, or undress accordingly. We cheer loudly for the attention grabbing bubble butts that rhythmically move on stages across this great land, and those of foreign lands as well. To all those male stripper's who stir us with desire to reach out and squeeze their cheeks, we say thanks.


   And to celebrate the male butt, we have provided pictorial glimpses of some of our favorites. We admit we enjoy the baskets, boxes, and bulges but we also enjoy the booty. And we are grateful when exotic male dancers shake, show and roll. We recommend that you tip the backside when possible, and enjoy!


   I hope this blog has put a smile on your lips and a stirring below the waist. Show your appreciation of those firm, amazing "ASSets" by tipping the boys. Until next time, sneak a squeeze for me.

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