Saturday, November 26, 2011

Gifts You Want To See Them Take Off

   Maybe the local exotic male dancer isn't on your shopping list this holiday season but I argue that maybe they should be. Of course, if I am going to give a gift to a male dancer, then I am going to require a string be attached to that gift. My only requirement is that they wear the gift that I have given them either on stage, or maybe even in a VIP Lounge session. If you know this dancer well enough to present them with a gift, then you most likely will get your wish and see them wearing it.

   I have selected a few items that I would like to give to my favorite exotic male dancers and that I would like to see them wear, before they seductively strip them off.
Classic Black Red Net Brief
Sale $10.80

 Holanda Brief
 Sale $10.80

   Perfect for your fantasy athlete of any sport! Or maybe you'll create a new sport to play!

Play With Me Football Boxer Brief
Sale $27.38

   Football is called a contact sport! Ok, that works for me.

 Fair Play Referee
 Sale $20.63

   For all of you in lust with authority figures. This ref will always call it your way!

Enhance It Boxer
Sale $15.40

   White is the perfect color under bright lights, when soaked at a wet underwear contest, or for more intimate moments. And this fabric is soft to the touch. Go ahead, try it out!

 Male Power
 Neon Mesh Mini  Pouch Short
 Sale $15.40

   Mesh is always a nice surprise! Imagine this model being fully dressed. He slowly removes his outer clothing to reveal all.

Greg Homme
Pump Up Boxer Brief
Sale $32.25

   If you got it, flaunt it! Or at least frame it and stick it out there! We'll show our appreciation in more tips!

 Original Camouflage  Boxer
 Sale $16.25

   No need to ask or tell. Just wear these and say it all. Let's hide in the barracks and work out some diplomatic maneuvers.

 Patrol Military
 Brazilian Trunk

 Sale $15.60

   This is your military undress uniform. I want the basket full, the bottom tight, and these at your ankles in less than five seconds! Your answer should be, "Sir, yes sir!"

   Make it clear what team your batting (or catching) for. These pride inspired boxers leave no doubt.

Joe Snyder
Rainbow Xpression Boxer
 Sale $21.00
   Do your shopping online and have these gifts shipped to your favorite dancer, or even better, ship them to your house and take them to the dancer. Or maybe even better, have them shipped to your house, invite the dancer over to try them on and model them for you! There is also one more them for yourself! Until next time, tip the boyz a little extra during the holidays! Spread some holiday cheer!
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