Saturday, June 1, 2013

Open Those Beautiful Eyes
Literally And Metaphorically

"What are you going to do when someone grabs your dick?"
I am currently in the process of putting together a group of male dancers who can provide the entertainment needs of local clients within a four state region. I've had several responses to my ads. After answering a few basic questions through email, text or phone, I schedule an interview. During the interview I ask a series of questions and inform the potential male dancer of what to expect. I want their beautiful eyes to be wide open and know exactly what is expected of them, and what they can expect from me, and most definitely what they can expect from the customers.
   The first thing I tell a potential dancer is that "I am a gay male and I have a partner that I've been with for over 13 years. I am a fan of exotic male dancers and that is why I created my business." This lets them know where I am coming from. I then go on to say, "This is not a ploy to get into your pants." I mean these days you never know. And of course, it's not that I'm not tempted but I run my business as a professional. At the same time, I let them know that I also have a critical eye. I know what looks good and what I like. So, I will tell them up front, you can expect me to tell you that your ass looks great, or the way the package on that underwear emphasizes 'the boys' is really hot! Yep, I'll say it. It is then that I can determine if they'll be comfortable around not only me, but other gay men.
   I then give them the run down of what can happen. I tell them that it sounds like I'm trying to talk you out of it but really I'm not. I just want you to be aware of what is going on. They are going to be in front of people either nude or in their underwear. Are they comfortable with that? Most say yes, and are comfortable with their body so we move on. There will be pictures taken of you sometimes and they will most likely get posted on Facebook or Twitter, etc. And once they are out there, they are out there and you can't bring them back. And eventually Mama or even Grandma might see you in the buff or skivvies, and not as a baby but with your full-grown adult parts. Can you handle that? Most say yes, and we continue.
   As for the customers, there are some, not all, but some who will try to go as far as they can. What are you going to do when someone grabs your dick? Or gives your ass a squeeze? Or does things that you begin to think you'll need a smoke when they finish! Well, it's usually not as bad as that last one. I always tell them that it's ok to set limits and stick with them. BUT...and this is a huge BUT...if you turn your beautiful eye away and not stress over a grope or two, you WILL make more in tips. Hey, I'm not asking you to agree, I'm just giving you the reality.
   I ask them about their significant other. Do they have a girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband? How will they respond to the fact that ladies and/or guys will be giving them a lot of attention? Will they be able to handle someone else putting their hands on 'their man'? I have seen it over and over where the significant other thinks they can handle it, only to find out that when the real deal starts, they have problems. Insecurities may arise in them. I mean what if you see someone that is really hot trying to hit on your partner, are you secure enough in your relationship that you don't worry in the back of your mind that they might be tempted to slip off somewhere? If a male dancer isn't clear and up front about the job from the beginning, it could cause problems later on. I have seen numerous male dancers stop dancing because their wife or partner was not able to handle it.
   This portion of the interview has ended. If the potential male dancer still wants to's time for the fashion show. Yes, I want to now see what you look like in those Papi's or Andrew Christian's. Or maybe we'll go for a jock strap because I can tell you've got a sweet little ass and we'll want to show it off. Until next time, keep the boys dancing...slide those dollar bills into those nether regions! WOOT!

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