Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer is here!
What are the dancing boys wearing?

(Underwear above: Wear It Proud by Stud)
   I'm not a brand whore. So, I don't go to check out what brand of underwear a male dancer is wearing before I take a second look. It is actually the opposite. If a male dancer looks good in the underwear he is wearing, then I take a second look to see what brand it is. I also make a quick assessment of his body type: slim, muscular, bubble butt, full basket, etc. Then I make a few notes and I remember that underwear brand and style for potential use in an upcoming photo shoot with one of the male models/dancers featured in Males In Motion promotions, and to recommend to male dancers who ask about underwear.
(Underwear above: Marcuse worn by Brian Loveless, Las Vegas)
   For this blog I viewed postings on facebook, other online sources and personal observation to assess what underwear brands some of the male dancers at various clubs and events were wearing this spring. I've listed a few brands through the pics on this blog for the purpose of giving new dancers an idea where to start in building a wardrobe of underwear for performances.
(Underwear above: Andrew Christian worn by Crimson of Mojo's, Tulsa)
   While we're discussing underwear, I want to throw out a few pointers. First, never wear anything baggy. Baggy never looks good. If you're wanting to make tips, then wear something tight, possibly a size smaller than you might normally wear. For you guys who have been 'blessed' between the legs, make sure the fabric can stretch to accommodate, but don't leave the material on the butt sagging. As you can see Crimson from Mojo's in Tulsa (above) fills out his underwear perfectly.
(Underwear above: Andrew Christian as worn by Kemper of Boxers-N-Briefs, St. Louis)
   I personally enjoy the underwear that lifts up the boys in a pouch and sticks them out front. This type of underwear makes tipping so much more fun. I never can seem to tip without brushing my hand against the pouch. I've developed the up-over-in maneuver where I start below the balls, slide up over, and then tuck the $1 in. And of course, this requires several attempts to get it right.
(Underwear above: Andrew Christian)
   It seems that Andrew Christian underwear works well when in the pic from the Spin Shower Show from Chicago in pic above.
(Underwear above: Andrew Christian)
   As you can see, Andrew Christian has also been spotted at MJ's in the Los Angeles area.
New July 2013

(Underwear above: Clever)
   Eli of the Men Of Skin Male Revue is shown wearing clever at this recent performance at the Fantasy Complex in Wichita, KS.
(Underwear above: Geovanny)
(Underwear above: American Eagle)
(Underwear above: Calvin Klein worn at Numbers in San Diego)
(Underwear above: Pikante as worn by the Males In Motion model Jacob. Underwear provided by Wayne Woods of Woodz-Wear.)
(Underwear brands above L to R: Timoteo, James Tudor, Sweat)
(Underwear above: Nasty Pig in Wilson Models' photo)
(Underwear above: Unico at Cribari Club )
(Underwear above: Junk at Corner Pocket in New Orleans)
   There are so many great brands of underwear out there now. And within all of those brands are a wide range of colors and styles. I recommend that you try as many as you can. You'll find a style that works best for your body type. Until next time, keep pulling out those waistbands and sliding in the dollars!

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