Thursday, July 4, 2013

Nudity Discovered In Pittsburgh
Full Monty At 9:00pm
Exotic Male Dancers At Ptown

(This blog is breaking new ground for Males In Motion. It is written by a guest blogger, our friend Robb Lane. Thanks Robb. We love the blog! ~ Mike)
   On a recent trip to Pittsburgh to see some friends and catch the touring production of The Book of Mormon I decided to venture out and visit some of the gay bars that the city had to offer. After having dinner with friends in the Shadyside area I decided that before I went back to my hotel in downtown Pittsburgh I wanted to at least drive by a couple of the gay bars in the eastern part of the city. I normally would not go to a gay bar by myself the first time I visit a new city, but I was in the mood to see some male strippers and had heard that several of the bars in Pittsburgh have them on various nights of the week.
   I ended up at PTown first. I was able to find free parking next door. It was still early (around 7pm eastern) but I decided to go on into the bar and see what time the strippers would take the stage. Entering the bar I felt quite welcome. There was a bartender and one other patron in the bar. I was welcomed by Kian and asked to come join him and the other patron of the bar for a drink and conversation. I immediately felt welcomed and comfortable to stay a while.

   PTown reminds me of a friendly neighborhood bar and that is really appealing to me. It has a U shaped bar with barstools all around it. It has a pool table and a jukebox for your enjoyment. And it has a simple stage for the dancer boys to shake all they have.

   I was told by Kian that the stripper would start to dance at 9pm. So I decided since I was having a good conversation with Kian and the other guy at the bar I would just stay and enjoy the show. As it got closer to show time several other men came in and grabbed seats around the bar and a couple of guys played pool. It was not overcrowded and the bar was not too smoky which is a great thing for this nonsmoker who just happens to love the dancing boys!
   Cole was the dancer of the night and he came out in a nice pair of underwear promptly at 9pm. He was a cute little dude with a nice tight body. He got up on the stage and started dancing. He has some nice moves. It took him very little time to shed those undies and let us all see every bit of his manhood. I was both shocked and greatly appreciative that I had decided to stay! No one had told me that the strippers can go ala nude in Pittsburgh! Such a great surprise!
   Each time Cole danced on the stage he would take everything off and let everyone see every inch of his body. And let me tell you…. There was a lot to look at. But once he stepped off the stage he had to put his undies back on. When Cole wasn’t dancing he would walk around and sell shots and talk with the customers. I got to give him a couple of dollars up close and personal that way, and let me tell you he was not shy to let me get a good eye full when I was tucking those ones in his underwear.
    Links And Info for Ptown
  • Ptown Facebook Page
  • Address: 4740 Baum Boulevard, Pittsburgh, PA 15213
  • Phone: (412) 621-0111
  • Photo Source: All photos in this blog are from the Ptown facebook page.
   By 10:30pm the bar had got busy but still was not too crowded to have a good time. I really did not want to leave but decided to go and check out a few more bars while I was in town. I highly recommend you visit PTown if you are in the Pittsburgh area or just feel like taking a road trip. PTown has strippers on the weekends but make sure you check out their facebook page because sometimes they even have strippers on the weekdays. If you go and see Kian or Cole tell them the guy from Ohio sent you! Make sure you tip them some $1’s for me!
Until next time!
Robb Lane

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