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The Post No One Will Read
Avoid Negative People
Support Your Local Exotic Male Dancers

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   When I see a negative comment posted on facebook, twitter, another blog, etc., I skip it and move on. I do not like negative comments and try to avoid people who are consistently negative. They may have a legitimate point to make, but I prefer that it be made in a different way. So, how can anyone be negative about exotic male dancers? you ask. Read on...if you dare.
(Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital at Mojo's)
   First of all, let me explain why I have the anti-negative comment point of view. I consider myself to be one of the group of worldwide top fans of exotic male dancers. You can ask my partner. We do not plan a trip without there being at least one night (and usually many more) spent at a bar/club/event where exotic male dancers are the featured entertainment. I take trips by myself specifically to see a male revue, visit a club, etc. Yes, it is a part of my Males In Motion 'job'. But I was doing it long before Males In Motion existed. My partner supports me and Males In Motion, and we make trade offs for things he wants to do during the trip as well. And whether he admits it or not, he always has fun with the dancers. Being a top fan means that I naturally have a positive attitude toward the male dancers and places they perform.
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   Second, I have lived in areas of the U.S. where you may have to drive hours to get to a location or event where exotic male dancers are featured. I won't live there for very long, but it has happened. So, if there's a club with a dancing boy then I want to support them and help them stay in business. 'The more, the merrier' I say. It amazes me that you can always find a bar/club/event that features drag queens or men dressed in women's clothing, but for some reason, nearly naked men dancing in their underwear are sometimes harder to find in some areas. What's wrong with that picture gay men? Now, before I get in trouble with my female illusionists friends, please let me say, that they have their place in the entertainment world as well. But when given the choice, I will always go where the nearly naked men are dancing!
(Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital featuring the Men Of Skin)
   Third, people are vicious sometimes when it comes to their comments regarding exotic male dancers. I will see facebook posts of a pic of this drop-dead gorgeous guy with muscles, six pack, 9 inch underwear bulge, piercing eyes (blue, green, brown, hazel...take your pic), etc., and someone will post something like..."He's not that cute." I then look at their pic and scream out of fear. I mean, what planet are you from? Ok, so that's a little dramatic. But, people are judgemental and if they haven't been blessed with certain physical features, or haven't spent the time in the gym to develop their body, etc., they have developed some psychological reason to tear others down. And I also recognize that some male dancers may have attitudes that make them less attractive, but I don't really have a lot of conversations with them, I just stick my dollar down their pants, cop a feel if I can get by with it, squeeze their ass, and return to my dirty martini. Don't get me wrong. I will definitely tip more if I get a positive response from a male dancer.
(Photo Source: Brenden-John Photography featuring Jerry at Stripper Circus)
   If there is one thing I have learned in this business, it is that different types of male dancers do it for different types of fans. There is a wide range of preferences. I can appreciate any body type but I am more attracted to certain types. We all are. There is room for all types...athletic, body builder, slim, twink, bear, leather, extra pounds, etc. And there are fans of all types. As long as the fans are happy, that's all that matters. That means they can go to their favorite location and enjoy the dancing boys, have a few drinks, and go home with a smile on their face.
(Photo Source: Exile Bar Facebook featuring Bear Camp
   Dancing boys come and go. They get older and their audience base changes or they move on to the next phase of their life and career. The bar/clubs/events remain and new dancers step in to take their places. I try to support these locations. I will admit there are some places that have horrible owners and managers. I do not agree with how they operate their business, treat their dancers, or treat their patrons. Instead of dragging their names through the mud in a blog or other online post, I simply ignore them and act like they don't exist. Those are the locations that I hope will close, or the ownership and management will change. And that almost always happens in time because if you don't treat the customers right, they take their business somewhere else. And if you don't treat the male dancers right, then they won't dance for you and the customers will not have a reason to show up. It all works out in time.
(Photo Source: Lucky Horseshoe Facebook
   I encourage you to support your local establishments where exotic male dancers perform. And if there is not one near you, encourage those with clubs/bars to add male strippers, go-go boys, male revues, etc., at least one night a week. And you can always take trips to nearby cities and enjoy the pleasure of tipping. Until next time, keep sliding those dollars down, down, down!

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