Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Building A Fan Base
Push Their Buttons

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   For an exotic male dancer to be financially successful it goes
without saying that he must have fans who are willing to hand
over their hard earned cash to him. We call that tipping. Now
there are some dancers who have been 'blessed' with looks and/or
large endowments and have worked hard to build a body to go
with it. If you are that lucky then you may be able to step out
onto the stage, box, etc., and have the audience standing in line
to slide dollar bills into your waist band. However, that may not
be the case. If not, then you need to build a fan base.
    When we say the phrase 'fan base', we are talking about a group
of people who know you, want to come to the see you dance, and
enjoy tipping you. I get feedback all the time from the fans. It
usually happens when I mention a particular club, and they'll say
something like, "you need to go see Mark, he's my favorite dancer
there." That lets me know that they are a member of Mark's fan base.
They have seen him dance before. They have tipped him, and
obviously, they like him for one reason or another.

(Photo Source: Blaze taken by Michael Hill Digital)
   So how does a male dancer build a fan base? Well, all I can tell you
is basically how I become a member of a particular dancers group
of fans. First, when I walk into the door of a bar or club and
a dancer comes up to me and speaks to me, then he's made a good
start at reeling me in. He may just say hello, or thank me for
coming out to the club. The important thing is that he acknowledges
that I exist and have come to enjoy the entertainment and a drink
or two. Now whether I tip him or not will depend on what happens
    Like all fans, I check out all the dancers and make a visual
evaluation. If I like the way a dancer looks, or the way he is
built, or maybe just how big that bulge is between his legs, I
will decide on whether I want to walk up to the stage and drop
a few dollars. However, tipping a dancer isn't always based on
my personal evaluation. If while he is dancing he looks my way
and gives me a smile, then I will most likely be persuaded to
get up and go tip him. I've said it before, when it comes to
exotic male dancers, I am easy. If after he has finished
his session he stops by my table and says thank you and visits
for a minute or two, I will tip him again while he is there.

(Photo Source: Brenden-John Photography)
    Now here is the kicker. When I return to the club and the same
dancer is there...if he remembers me then he has scored big
points in my book. If he has gone to the trouble to learn my
name before and calls me by name, then I will become a card
carrying member of his fan base. That doesn't necessarily mean
that I will hold on to my membership for life. You see, I want
attention each and every time I see this particular dancer. Now,
I don't expect him to spend his entire night at my side, I mean,
I want him to work the room and make good money for the night.
But, he has to continue to work me as well.

New July 2013

    So, how does an exotic male dancer work me without being
annoying? I recommend the "stop and go" approach. Stop
by my table, give me a little attention and then go to
the next customer. Then later in the night, stop by my
table again and then move on. You see, I am sure to become
a member of the fan base of several different dancers and
I want to make sure I get my allotted time and attention
from each and every one. And while I am getting that
attention, I will be sliding those dollar bills into
the nether regions of the dancer's underwear.

(Photo Source: Buck Stone taken by Michael Hill Digital)
    And to keep our ongoing 'relationship' fresh, I recommend
that the male dancer not allow his underwear/costume choices
to become stale. During a single night, wear a variety of
underwear styles in a variety of colors. And if you happen to
wear a cowboy hat and boots for some of those changes well,
I'll be tipping more. This means that if you want me to loosen
the hold on the money in my wallet and hand it over, find out
how to push my buttons. I've just told you two possible options:
first, wear a cowboy hat and boots (that's an automatic bonus tip
from me); second, wear different colors and styles of underwear...
here's a secret...I love baby blue or sky blue colored underwear.
Wearing a sexy pair of underwear in that color will get you extra
tips from me. Every customer has buttons like these. Get to know
the customers and get to know their buttons, and push them.
You'll build a fan base in no time.
    Warning: never neglect new customers and spend all your time
with regular customers only. You never know when those regular
customers may move away or stop coming to the club for one reason
or another. So, keep cultivating new members for your fan base.
Plus, out-of-towners will appreciate being treated like a regular.

(Photo Source: No Parking Bar Facebook)
    Until next time, I'll be searching for dancers who want me as a
fan. And me and all the other fans out here will be ready to
slide those dollar bills into fantasy locations.

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