Friday, November 1, 2013

Come On, Take A Bite!
Temptation From The Men Of Eden

(Photo Source: Men Of Eden)
   You know you want to...maybe just a little taste at first. It's like trying something new. You've been told you'll like it. Others have liked it. You're excited about it but you don't want to take the whole thing because what if when you get it in your mouth, you just don't like it. Well, I recommend that you be brave and enjoy the new experience...but be warned, once you'll work your way to the core. Yes, all the way down.

(Photo Source: Men Of Eden)
   I'm talking about an apple. Isn't that what you were thinking about? One of my favorite types of apples is Fuji. They are crisp and sweet. And at the grocer where I purchase them, they are always fresh. But the first time I tried them, I wasn't sure. I don't like mushy, soft apples so I just didn't know how it was going to turn out. But I found Fuji apples to be my favorite. They are firm and delicious.

(Photo Source: Men Of Eden)
   The apple has been associated with the idea of Eden, as in garden, for a long, long time. Now we have men emerging carrying the name "Men Of Eden". The lesson here that has never been learned is to avoid temptation. But when men look this good, that is easier said than done. This garden of delight can be found at the Polo Club at 678 Maple Avenue in Hartford, Connecticut. Every Thursday starting Thursday, November 7 you can give in to temptation on a weekly basis! You'll be able to feast your eyes on some of the most beautiful male bodies found in the Northeast United States every Thursday night.

(Photo Source: Men Of Eden)
   These are not fumbling teenagers but men with a little worldly knowledge about how a male review is suppose to work. They've been headliners at Adonis Lounge in New York City. They have been known to provide glimpses of what mother nature gave them at the Xroom in Springfield, MA. They know why you are there, and they're ready to deliver an entertainment experience that you won't forget. So, go ahead...take a bite!

(Photo Source: Men Of Eden)
   Until next time, let's work on our 'core' values. And don't forget to spend time on the tip! You know, tip the boyz!

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