Friday, November 22, 2013

Getting Lucky In Pittsburgh!
The locals call it Lucky's

I posted a review that Robb wrote back in July. Here is a second from him. Thanks Robb! Great job!

   The locals call it Lucky’s but if you want to look for it on facebook or the web you will need to search for its full name, the Real Luck Café. Located in Pittsburgh’s Strip District (how convenient!) it is what you would think a gay dive bar would look like from the outside. You have to enter from the side door which seemed a little sketchy because you have to walk down this uneven walkway with a chain linked fence on one side and the bar on the other. Don’t let this scare you away because the fun is only a short walk inside.
   When you enter Lucky’s you are in the downstairs part. It looks like a neighborhood bar with a U shaped bar and tables and booths. They also serve food here but we did not have any food while we were there. As you look around you will see a door with a sign that says male dancers upstairs. So of course that is where my attention went! You walk up this steep, dark old wooden staircase as the DJ music gets louder and louder As you round a corner and go up a couple of more steps you are now on the 2nd floor.
   The first thing I saw was a rectangular shaped bar with four nude male dancers working at each of the four corners. I was in a bit of shock I think because I was not expecting so many dancers at one time. It was a very pleasant surprise. In the middle of the bar were two bartenders. The bar has barstools all around it and then there are some tables around the walls. This allows you to get up close and personal with the dancer boys or to watch from a far. Towards the front are a DJ booth and a small dance floor. Now I know what you all are thinking. Shut up and tell us about the damn strippers already!
So as I said there were 4 dancer boys for the crowd’s entertainment. The first one I watched was a skinny twink guy that looked barely old enough to be dancing on the bar. He showed very little emotion when I tipped him a dollar and I just was not really into him that much. He was getting a lot of attention from some of the patrons though but he just was not exciting enough for my taste. Next was another skinny twink type of guy. He had a lot of tattoos and a pink Mohawk. Normally I would not have gone for a guy like this but when I tipped him he bent down and told me thank you and he hoped I was ready to enjoy my night. I like that he was working for the money so even though he wasn’t my normal type he got several dollars from me.
   The third guy was the body type I LOVE! He was more of a beefy, muscular guy that looked like he played on the football team in high school. When I tipped him he said “thank you kind “sir”. I was both offended and flattered at the same time! Needless to say I kept tipping him over the few hours I was there. He knew how to work me because each time he said thank you but changed it up. It went from sir, to mister, to babe, to sweetheart. Needless to say he was sexy and he knew how to work it to get more of my money!
   The 4th guy was actually my absolute favorite of the boys at Lucky’s that night. He was this tall, muscular black guy that had the sexiest body. Let’s just say he had a lot to look at while he danced. Every time I gave him some money he would bend down to say something to me. When he bent down his equipment would get very close to my face. In fact a couple of times he member brushed against my neck or my hand. Needless to say I did not complain at all. He was so sexy. His light mocha color skin and that tight body were just too hot to handle. I think he got over 10 bucks out of me alone just because I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him. If you did not come up to him he would motion for you to come back and see him up close and personal. He knew how to work it and he was making the most money out of the guys that night for sure with all of the customers.
   So all the boys have on while they are dancing on the bar at Lucky’s is an elastic band around one of their thighs where you put your tips. If they get off the bar for a break they put their underwear on and leave the room. They were not mingling with the crowd at all. Each bar has different rules and Lucky’s must not want their dancer boys working off the bar.
   The dancers rotate about every other song so if you do sit at one of the tables over by the wall you get a new dancer every 10 minutes or so for your viewing pleasure. My only gripe with this place was that the music was really loud so you could not have a real conversation with the dancers, bartenders, or your friends you were with without shouting. Also women are welcomed at Lucky’s as well. There were not very many of the busy Saturday night I was there but be prepared for this. It is considered a gay bar but the strippers are welcoming to both men and women. Equal opportunity I guess! Overall I would highly suggest you go visit Lucky’s the next time you are in Pittsburgh. I wish I would have gone the first night I was there so I could have enjoyed two nights at the bar. Rest assured the next time I am in Pittsburgh I will be stopping by to see the boys of Lucky’s dance on the bar!
Until next time,
Robb Lane
Real Luck Café (Lucky’s)
1519 Penn Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
412-471-7832 Lucky's Facebook Page
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NOTE: Except for club pic, all pics above are not from Lucky's. I didn't have any pics of Lucky's so they are pics of MIM models for your pleasure.

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