Thursday, April 10, 2014

Dancers Who Do!
Top Ten Times To Thank Male Dancer Fans

(Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital) Jake is a Andrew Christian model and member of the male revue, Men Of Skin from Kansas City, MO.

   The blog I wrote about my recent experience in Dallas received a lot of feedback through emails, comments, Facebook messages, etc. So, I decided to help my exotic male dancer friends with a few small ways they can be friendly and increase their tips. This blog deals with the simple act of saying "Thank you". I've included pics of male dancers who are doing it right. These guys are customer focused and successful! They're also some of my favorites.
Top 10 Times To Thank Male Dancer Fans
1. When they enter the door.
Everyone from doormen, dancers, bartenders and staff.
Say "Thank you for coming out tonight!"
Say "Thank you for coming to [insert name of your club or event]! Enjoy the boyz!"
2. When they buy a drink
(soda, beer, wine, shot, cocktail, etc.)
Bartenders, shot boys, barbacks and staff. Say "Thank you! Let me know when you're ready for another one!"
3. When they tip.
(Anyone who gets a tip.)
Say "Thank you."
Say "Thank you baby!"
Say "Thank you sweetheart."

4. When they buy you a drink.
Anyone they buy a drink for... Say "Thank you."
5. When they wait on someone before them
Any time they show courtesy and patience
Say "Thank you for being patient."
Say "Thank you for hanging around."
(Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital) Houston dances at Boxers N Briefs in St. Louis, MO.

6. When they make you smile.
Remember your smile is one of your sexiest features.
Say "Thank you for making me smile."
Say "Thank you for making my night."
7. When they compliment you.
You work hard to look good. It was noticed.
Say "Thank you for noticing."
Say "Thank you very much."
8. When they take a picture of you.
They are a fan.
Say "Thank you, will you tag me on facebook when you post it."
Say "Thanks for standing (or sitting, etc.) with me."
9. When you remember them from a previous event or night.
A return visit is important and means a lot!
Say "Thank you for coming out again."
Say "Thanks for coming to see me again."
(Photo Source: Joey's Facebook) Joey is often featured at the Tin Room and other clubs in Dallas, but travels to other cities and locations as well. He was recently voted Best Exotic Dancer in Dallas by the Dallas Voice.

10. When they are leaving.
They will remember you for next time.
Say "Thank you for coming out. Hope to see you next time."
Say "Thanks again for being here tonight."
Say "Thanks for the tips. It is much appreciated."

   Let me also take this opportunity to say thank you! Thank you to the dancing boyz who make this blog possible! Thank you to the club and bar owners and managers for providing opportunities for us fans to see the boys! And THANK YOU to all of you exotic male dancer fans who tip the boys, read this blog, visit my Facebook page and website and help keep this industry going! You all are appreciated! Until next time, don't forget to tip the boyz!

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  1. If they would do all of these things every time I'd go to my local strip bar I'd be BROKE because I'd be tipping like crazy! I guess it's a good thing they don't --- HAHA!

    Common courtesy gets you a LONG WAY! ;-)