Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Exotic Male Dancers
Males That Move Six Different Ways

(Photo Source: Maverick, male dancer at LaBare Houston, a hot show at a club for the ladies in the Houston, TX area.)

   I recognize six distinct types or styles of exotic male dancers. They are go-go boys, pole dancers, strippers, male revues, and nude male dancers. In this blog, I'll give you my take on each type and their purpose. An exotic male dancer may perform as one or all of the different types.
Go-Go Boy

(Photo And Video Source: gingahhh.tumblr.com)
   The go-go boy is the eye candy and atmosphere for a dance club or event. Go-go's are usually perched on a stage, in a cage or in strategic locations to add to the decor amd atmosphere of the club. Of all exotic male dancers, these guys need to be really good dancers. Tipping a go-go is definitely acceptable but sometimes they are not very accessible to the customers. Their job is more focused on making each night at a bar or club an event. They are sometimes dressed in costumes that reflect the theme of the night.

Pole Dancer

(Photo Source: BJsNXs Facebook Page)
(Photo by C. Marcelo)
   The pole dancer uses strength and skill to perform feats of agility, balance and seduction around a metal pole. You can tip them and they will most often pause their routines or session in order to receive tips. Becoming successful as a pole dancer requires keeping your body in shape, building strength, and practicing. Pole dancers may also wear costumes and participate in the theme of a night. They usually interact with the customers some during and often between their sessions on the pole.

Male Stripper

(Photo Source: archive)
   Male strippers are often associated with bachelorette parties. They enter a room of guests at a private party wearing a costume...a policeman, fireman, construction worker, cowboy, etc. They create a routine that involves seductively removing pieces of their clothing until a single thong remains or in some cases, they are completely nude. The routines often involve audience participation and a focus on a guest of honor such as the bride-to-be or a groom-to-be for a gay couple. One feature of their performance often involves a lap dance given to one or more of the guests. There are some clubs that have male strippers. These clubs will offer lap dances as well.

Male Revue

(Photo Source: Chippendales Facebook Page)
   Male Revues are composed of a group of men who perform dance routines in front of an audience. Most of these are designed for women but there are some that perform for men as well. The routines involve fantasy costumes and the men usually strip down to thongs or underwear. The male revue is a theatrical production and will therefore most often be located in a theater but there are those who perform in clubs and bars. The most famous brand name of male revues is the Chippendales.

Nude Male Dancers

(Photo Source: Stockbar ~ Montreal)
   The nude male dancer is placed in a category of its own because it takes a specific type of dancer in order to be successful and enduring. The nude male dancer possesses a physically fit body, is most often well-endowed, and has a strong self-image. At many clubs where nude male dancers perform, there is often a three song process that evolves. During the first song, the nude male dancer is fully clothed and dances removing a few articles of clothing. During the second song the nude male dancer is already in his underwear or quickly reaches that point. He seductively reveals glimpses of what is beneath his underwear during the song. For the third and final song, the nude male dancer is fully nude. He may or may not have an erection. Based on his performance, appearance, and popularity, the nude male dancer will next find himself in a VIP Lounge performing private lap dances in the nude for customers.

   This summer I'll be trying to catch all six types in action. Until next time, pull out your ... dollars, tip and enjoy the boyz!

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