Friday, June 6, 2014

10 Things I Look For In A Club
That Features Exotic Male Dancers

(Photo Source: Dick's Cabaret ~ Phoenix, AZ)

   No, I'm not talking about 10 inches. Although that is a nice thing to find at a bar or club with exotic male dancers. I have ten things that I regularly look for and when I find them, I know it's going to be a fun night. See if you agree with me. Also, send me an email or post a comment at the end of this blog, and let me know what you always hope to find.
   When I walk through the door I like someone to greet me. I want to be acknowledged for stepping inside a place of business. Now if that person who greets me happens to be a hot male dancer or hot male bartender, well then, all the better. But, a greeting from someone else works as well.

(Photo Source: Monster Bar ~ New York, NY

   After entering a bar or club, the first thing I do is get something to drink. I select different favorite drinks depending on my mood, time of day, purpose of visit, etc. The bartender is one of the first people I come in contact with and if they are friendly it sets the tone for the night. Next, I want to know how well they can make a dirty martini.

(Photo Source: Bartender Stevie from BJsNXs ~ Dallas, TX)

   Surveying the bar, I take a visual inventory of male dancers. When it comes to exotic male dancers, different customers are attracted to different things. I prefer those with athletic bodies and handsome faces and sometimes cute twinks. There are other features that may cause me to look their way as well: great smile, sexy eyes, nice ass and of course, a large endowment. The visual aspect is what attracts me at first glance. I like younger guys. My partner on the other hand, enjoys older guys, he likes guys with chest fur and he likes tattoos. As they say, "Different strokes for different folks."

(Photo Source: Gabe, Troy and Trey from X-Room at Mardi Gra ~ Springfield, MA)
UPDATE: On June 15 I had the opportunity to meet these three up close and personal. Hot bodies, good looks and total sweethearts. You need to find your way to Springfield, MA ... you'll be glad you did!)

   I enjoy an underwear fetish. I am constantly purchasing underwear for my models to use on photo shoots. I notice colors, fit and how different styles enhance various body parts. The way the fabric stretches around a guys basket or butt will sometimes be the motivating factor in making me step up and tip. I appreciate bartenders who wear well-fitted underwear as well.

(Photo Source: Cockfight At Castro Bar ~ New York, NY)

   Does the music cause the male dancers to move? I have been in clubs where the music killed the atmosphere. An expert DJ will play music that makes the boyz want to dance, swing on the pole, etc. I like male dancers, not box posers. I like watching "the boyz" bounce.

(Photo Source: Angel Hernandez ~ North Hollywood, CA)

   There is a fine balance in lighting. I like it a bit dark. Being in the dark allows me to indulge in the feeling that I might get away with something. But at the same time, I don't want total darkness. The visual aspect of the exotic male dancer is necessary for the full experience.

(Photo Source: Toolbox Saloon ~ Columbus, OH)

   This is the key to getting tips from me. When a male dancer comes up to me and gives a simple greeting, it makes an impression. That lets me know that he is not a "stand and be admired" type dancer. I want an interaction. I can see pictures and statues in other places. If he provides the human element, then I'm hooked and will tip.

(Photo Source: Angel Hernandez ~ North Hollywood, CA

   I've chosen to spend time in this business establishment. I've chosen to spend my money or give it away in tips. I am here when I could be somewhere else. I want to feel appreciated by those connected with the bar or club. A simple "thank you" works for me. This can be said when I walk in the door, "Thanks for coming out tonight." When I tip the bartender or dancer they can respond with a simple "thank you". And if there's a doorman, when I"m leaving to go out, a nice, "thanks for coming out, come back and see us" will work as well.

(Photo Source: Boxers Bar ~ New York, NY

   The worst thing that can happen to a new customer or visitor from out of town is to be ignored. Often the dancers will focus their attention on the regulars and ignore anyone else. I've seen this happen over and over. If I'm given a little attention, then my wallet begins to open and the tips began to come out. If not, my money stays in my pocket.

(Photo Source: Corner Pocket ~ New Orleans, LA

   I want to leave the bar/club with the feeling that I can't wait until I get to go again. I want a story to tell about the hot dancer who gave me a lap dance. Or the bartender who took care of me and looked so damn sexy in that pair of underwear. I still talk about the low hanging balls on the cowboy who danced at Swinging Richard's in Atlanta. I still tell the story about my first trip to the VIP Lounge for a private lap dance at Boxers N Briefs near St. Louis. I will even bring up the eastern European dancer at the Lucky Horseshoe Lounge in Chicago where I...

(Photo Source: Floppy Rooster ~ Miami, FL

   What do you look for when you go to a bar or club with exotic male dancers? Also, what bars and clubs have given you stories to tell? You need to click here and send me an email right now, and tell me all about it. Until next time, keep tipping the boys!

(Photo Source: Eleven Nightclub ~ West Hollywood, CA

The Nude Male Dancers of Stockbar in Montreal
Click the pic and see much more!

(Photo Source: Stockbar ~ Montreal)


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    1. Thanks Bob! For your future I wish you many hot lap dances from sexy male dancers!

  2. Yep I have to agree with the above! u pretty much covered it all. it a fantasy/business proposition. you want to be appreciated for your business, and also feel as though the "business aspect" doesn't matter! .It's all about the fantasy! when the two meet FUN!!!