Wednesday, June 25, 2014

L'un des meilleurs!
Stockbar in Montreal is one of the best!

(Photo Source: Stockbar Website)
   I could stop there and that one word would explain what I think about Stockbar in Montreal. But, that isn't really fair to the reader. I need to provide a few details to spice it up a bit. After several years of off-and-on subscriptions to the online live shows from Stockbar, I finally found myself sitting at the bar that I had seen on my computer screen so many times before.

(Photo Source: Stockbar Website)
   On a recent Friday night while on vacation in Canada, I made my way to Montreal and discovered Stockbar. It had been a goal of mine for a long time and it was sweet to see it finally coming to pass. I entered the club and all I wanted to do for a few minutes was look around and take it all in. To the left of me was a long bar. A stage was in the middle to the back with a seating area in front and on each side of it. A long bar was also on the far right. At the front of the large room was the DJ booth facing the stage. I saw Anthony in the booth announcing the dancers as they appeared on the stage. I made my way to the bar at the far right and took a seat.

(Photo Source: Stockbar Website)
   I ordered and received a drink from a tall, slim cute bartender...only juice, this was a no alcohol night for me. I was alone and wanted to keep my senses as I later made my way back in a cab to my hotel. I was there only a few minutes when I was approached by a tall, muscular dancer who asked if I wanted a private dance. I told him not yet, that it was my first time to Stockbar and I wanted to soak it all in first. He promised to stop back by and he did. I was approached by several other dancers within a few minutes as well, one of them I recognized as Alfie from the online shows, and from the Stockbar calendar that hangs on my wall, and from the many times I've shared a pic of his hot face, body...well, everything...on facebook. He lived up to his pic in every way.

(Photo Source: Stockbar Website)
   An exceptionally handsome latino dancer Enzo (Él es muy guapo!) approached me and began talking to me and giving me a back rub. He was there from Miami and working for three months. I had been riding in a vehicle for several hours that day so the back rub felt amazing and was turning me into jello. He also asked if I wanted to go to the back for a private dance but still I was not ready. But I did tip him for the backrub. And had I not run out of time, I would have enjoyed a trip for a private lap dance with him.

(Photo Source: Stockbar Website)
   During all this time the show was being performed on stage by many different dancers. They would step onto the stage for one song partially dressed in jeans or sometimes in underwear. Then for the second song a little later, they would come out with an erection and strip to nude. I was enjoying myself very much by this time. There was a variety of different dancer types ranging from slim to maximum muscle mass.

(Photo Source: Stockbar Website)
   Behind the bar where I was sitting was a shower. While sitting just in front of the shower, I was treated to a shower show with Ben and Chuck. They both are what I call my type...good looking, slim, muscular bodies, great smiles, and so fun to watch. I entertained ideas of having a private session with each of them but they were popular and difficult to catch after the shower show. But there's always next time.

(Photo Source: Stockbar Website)
   A dancer named Spencer took the stage and commanded all my attention. He was the exact type of exotic male dancer that I enjoy most. He was slim but muscular and defined. He was handsome/cute and exuded a great attitude...approachable and I knew he would be fun for a private. After he had finished his nude dance on stage and as soon as he walked in my direction, I let him know that I would like to have a private dance from him.
   We went to an area located behind the stage where individual booths are set up with curtains that can be pulled for privacy. And there I received my private lap dance. For more details read the first word of this blog! All I will say is that you need to experience Stockbar in person. You will not be disappointed and if Spencer is there, you need to spend some time with him. He is hot as hell, and a really nice guy!
   The private lap dances are per song. You pay per song so if you're watching your budget, let the dancer know how many songs you can afford. Also, if you aren't sure, ask the dancer what the 'rules' are for the private lap dance and they'll explain everything for you. There were many dancers that I would have loved to have received a private lap dance from. However, I can honestly say, that had I spent the entire time with Spencer, I would have left a happy man! He wasn't the only dancer I received a private from, but his time was the most memorable.

(Photo Source: Stockbar Website)
   So, my partner and I have already discussed another trip to Montreal. Unfortunately, he was unable to accompany me on this one. After hearing my stories, he's ready to join me. I've been seduced by those hot Canadian men and their French accents.
   If possible, make Montreal and the Stockbar one of your future destinations. If you aren't able to make it there soon, subscribe to their online shows. That way you'll know what will be waiting for you once you make it to 1171 Rue St. Catherine Est.
   Until next time, stop in at Stockbar and have a private dance with Spencer. Tell him Mike from Males In Motion sent you. And as always...tip the boyz!!!
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  1. Wow, this sounds great. Can you share how much touching was allowed for your dance with Spencer? I've been enjoying him on the feeds quite a bit.