Sunday, September 21, 2014

Reported On Facebook
Posting Sexy Pics On Social Media

(Photo Source: Michael Hill Facebook page)
   "You've been suspended from posting on Facebook for three days." That was the basic idea of the message I received a month or so ago. Someone had turned in the pic above which I had used as part of my Facebook header during pride. It was over a month after I had replaced it but was still in my photo albums. I wish people would get a life. I also wish I could say that it was always because the pic was way too hot for Facebook. Then it might make sense (well, not really...why can't they just unfriend?). But, unfortunately, most of the time I've found for myself and others it is just someone who is jealous or a hater for one reason or another. Still, posting pics on social media sites is still very important for promotion.
"The more pics you post. The more pics that will have the opportunity to be shared. The more pics that are shared, the more promotion you will receive for yourself, your club, your biz, etc."

(Photo Source: Apollo Male Dancers - Diesel Facebook page). See more of Diesel from the Males In Motion blog in which he was featured. Click here.

   It's not rocket science. It's human nature. When I see a pic of a hot male dancer in his underwear, or halfway out of it, I will almost always without hesitation share it. And when I share it, those in my friends' list will 'like' it or share it. And it can go on and on. So, your initial post of one hot pic will result in the pic being shared across the internet. Add in Twitter, Tumblr, etc., and the pics go around the world.

(Photo Source: Stockbar - Montreal). Read Mike's review of Stockbar from his visit to Montreal. Click here.

   Some of you may argue that not everyone is in your target market. No, they may not be. But chances are, they will be sharing with other friends who are. Also, there is always the good possibility that they or someone on their friends' list will be traveling to your fair city and if they are enticed by your pic, will want to visit you, the dancer, or the bar/club/event.

(Photo Source: Jacob Anderson Facebook page)
   I don't think I"m alone when I say that I remember hot dancers, clubs and pics and will either mentally or digital file those images away for retrieval when I'm ready to visit your fair city. And so do many other travelers and vacationers. For those living in your area, they will visit sooner when enticed.

(Photo Source: Jaime Awad Facebook page)
   The reason I wrote this blog was because of a difficult Facebook pic search I recently experienced. I wrote the blog about tipping male dancers. I was searching for pics of dancers being tipped by customers. They were difficult to find. I also found during this search that many clubs, dancers, etc., do not post candid pics of their dancers. They seem to want to post only slick, professional images from a studio. Or, they post posters using pics of male models who have nothing to do with their club or event.

(Photo Source: Men Of Skin Facebook page). Read Mike's most recent blog featuring the Men Of Skin. Click here.
   I encourage male dancers, promoters, managers, owners, etc. to hire a photographer from time to time or even use your smart phone and take a few pics of customers interacting with the dancers. This makes them appear more friendly and approachable. This can also plant a subliminal message that the bar/club/venue is also friendly and a fun place for them to be.

(Photo Source: Icon - Astoria, NY Facebook page)
   Until next time, keep posting those pics of customers tipping the boyz! Make sure it's ok with the dancer and the customer first. It usually keep 'em coming. I'll be watching and ready to share!

NOTE: Below I've posted a Message Card that I post for those who want to report my photos. Please feel free to pull it down and use it for yourself as well. "Ain't nobody got time for pic haters!"

(Photo Source: Males In Motion)


  1. Enough said !!! If u don't like don't look

  2. Very true that everyone has a different taste in male dancers. I like big beefy guys and guys with chest hair and some of you like the skinny smooth guys. But in the end we all like them in their undies. :-)
    I also second the unfriend option. If you don't like what you are seeing then why did you join the group, leave and go play jump rope

    1. well put ! Male beauty comes in many varieties, just like female beauty !