Sunday, August 24, 2014

Club Review: Toolbox Saloon
Columbus, OH
Love And Lust Of A Road Warrior

(Photo Source: The Toolbox Saloon facebook page)
   Road trip! Road trip! Woohoo! My partner and I jumped in the car and headed out at 4am on a Wednesday morning. After driving through parts of three states, we reached our destination in Ohio. We were there to visit one of our closest friends who lives and works in the Columbus area. It was only a matter of time before I would scope out the nearby clubs with male dancers. I had been following the Toolbox Saloon online for over a year. I checked their facebook page and saw that 'Throb Thursday' was when their dancing boys wearing briefs would appear. We set our plan in action and found easy parking outside the bar on a Thursday night in August.

(Photo Source: The Toolbox Saloon facebook page)

   Seriously, if I could own a bar of my own, this is very close to what it would be. The Toolbox Saloon is a neighborhood bar with friendly people, good drinks and of course, hot male dancers. If I lived near Columbus, OH, I would be here every Thursday night at 7:00pm. There were three of us and when we walked in the door, the bartender immediately greeted us and began quizzing us on how he could make our favorite drinks. Although tempted by some of his creative concoctions, I chose to stay true to myself and ordered a dirty martini. My compadres ordered a jack and coke and a bud light. The prices were comparable to those we've paid in many other places. There was no cover charge.

(Photo Source: The Toolbox Saloon facebook page)
   In good weather, The Toolbox Saloon serves food on the outdoor patio. The bar has an interior just large enough that everyone gets a good seat for the shows. We found a table over to one side where the three of us could sit comfortably, watch the show, and enjoy our drinks. The music was played at the right volume for dancers to perform and yet still interact with the customers. And interact they did.

We would definitely place Zach (above) in the "above average" size department.
(Photo Source: Zach's facebook page)

   Throb Thursday has an early show and a late show. Two dancers were scheduled for each show. We were there for the early show since we had another commitment later in the night. And I for one am happy that we chose the early show. I'm sure the late show was good as well, but Zach and Xavier were at the first one. Zach had three different sessions while we were there. I remember all three but the second and third dances stand out in my mind. The second because he came out dressed as a cowboy. Enough said. The third because he used the classic song "The Stroke" by Billy Squire. I've added the song to the bottom of this blog so you can understand just how appropriate that song was for a male dancer fan like me. And lets just say that Zach is well equipped to create fantasies that go along with that song.
   "Tengo una debilidad por los bailarines latinos." I have a weakness for Latino male dancers. Xavier is a hot young latino with an ass that requires all your resistance to keep from reaching out and.... Well, my resistance wasn't very strong. But I was only 'giving him a tip' of course. I said, "muy guapo'. He said 'thank you'. I said, 'no, thank you!'

Johnny (above) is another dancer at The Toolbox Saloon.
(Photo Source: The Toolbox Saloon facebook page)

   Whether it's on purpose or it just comes naturally, the guys at The Toolbox Saloon practice customer service at it's best. The bartender came to our table and checked on us twice during the night. The dancers each came by our table, spoke with us and said thanks for each tip that was placed in their waistbands.

Ryan (above) is another dancer at The Toolbox Saloon.
(Photo Source: The Toolbox Saloon facebook page)

   When I return to Columbus, OH, and I will, I'll find my way to The Toolbox Saloon on any and all nights that male dancers will be present. Thank you to everyone at the bar for making our evening fun, hot and something we're telling stories about. Thanks to Zach and Xavier. It's obvious when dancers are enjoying what they're doing. With you guys it showed. Special thanks to Zach for rocking (and filling out) a thong, more than once. Oh my, oh my...
   Until next time, enjoy the classic song "The Stroke" by Billy Squier. (Yea, it looks kind of cheesy now but the words can still work a crowd.)
   I fell in love with the Toolbox Saloon and definitely in lust with the male dancers! This road warrior will be ready for another trip to Ohio. Stop in and tell them Mike at Males In Motion says 'hi'! And don't forget to tip the boys!

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  1. Johnny Dangerously is so hot and sexy. Great dancer, big throbbing cock that I have had the pleasure of touching. Personality plus and right off the farm so sexy. He put his hands in my pants and thanked me for having a hard on.