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Why The Hell Should I Tip A Male Dancer?
(It Creates The Full Swing)

(Photo Source: glounge facebook page)
   Why the hell should I tip a male dancer? There are many reasons but I know of three that stand out: It's fun. It's sexy. It's a new story to tell.

(Photo Source: Magnum Thursdays facebook page)
   Tipping an exotic male dancer is fun! I don't know about you but I don't always have sexy men running around in their underwear at my house. Well, I take that back, I do have my partner. (Love you baby). But you know what I mean. Since I'm not the organizer or participant of an all male orgy, I don't usually have men in briefs or naked just waiting around for me to stop and admire. If you do, I say cheers and tip my dirty martini. But in most households, it's not the norm.

(Photo Source: Sinzation Male Review facebook page)
   So, take advantage of the situation, tip the boys and enjoy the hot men in their underwear....or less. By tipping them you let them know you like what you see. You show your appreciation for their working out and keeping their bodies in tip-top shape. And tipping encourages them to keep working as a male dancer. When they look good, we want them to stay around so we can keep enjoying them.

(Photo Source: Corner Pocket facebook page)
   Tipping an exotic male dancer is sexy as hell! When I'm at a bar or club, I survey the available male dancers and as everyone does, I visually determine which one I want to tip first. My normal proclivity is toward the lean athletic guys with muscle definition and cute twinks. But I also can be motivated to check out a dancer for other reasons...a handsome face, a bubble butt, a big dick or an erection, a broad and defined chest, etc. I want to show my appreciation for such amazing assets by tipping. I want them to make enough money in tips so that next time I walk through the door, they'll be there because it's financially worth it.

(Photo Source: No Parking Bar (Castro) facebook page)
   Tipping an exotic male dancer creates new stories to tell. In September, Males In Motion will celebrate its 11th year. I have enjoyed the talents of many exotic male dancers during that time. I have told stories about ...
...Mojo's (Tulsa) where over the years I've taken more pics of dancers than any other club.
...Madrigals (Chicago) no longer in existence - my favorite interior of any bar I've ever visited.
...The Brick/Joe's (Dallas) where they've redefined the happy hour with hot dancers, great bartenders and drink specials.
...Boxers N Briefs (St. Louis) where I saw one of the largest cocks I've ever seen in person, and my first ever trip to the VIP lounge.
...Swinging Richard's (Atlanta) where I've had several amazing nude lap dances.
...The Gaiety (NYC) which no longer exists... where I ... well, I'll leave that one there.
...X-Static (Springfield) now at X-Room ... where my partner experienced his first private lap dance. (Woohoo!)
...Missy B's (Kansas City) where the Men Of Skin perform ... sexy dancers who have also become friends.

(Photo Source: The Brick/Joe's facebook page)
   And it's not just me. I constantly receive emails, texts, blog comments, and have conversations with other exotic male dancer fans who share their experiences. My stories are mild compared to some of their stories. Woot! I've been told of fun being had in Pittsburgh, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Portland, OR, Phoenix, and many more places. And by the way, keep those stories coming.

(Photo Source: Share facebook page)
   For example, you'll often notice at the all-nude clubs, the boys come out with a few clothes on, but once the tipping starts getting in full do they. And I do enjoy the full swing. And full swing can help create more new stories.

(Photo Source: LeBoy Bar facebook page)

(Photo Source: glounge facebook page)
   Until next time, don't forget to tip the boyz! And the bottom line here is...the more you tip, the more opportunities you'll have to create new stories to tell. And if you're like me. The more times you'll get in trouble for ...

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