Friday, September 26, 2014

I've Seen The Future
I Was In Pittsburgh And Dick Was There!

   The elderly gentleman stepped from his seat at the end of the bar and moved to the dancer box where the hot young nude male was dancing. Not being allowed to touch the nude dancer, he dropped several dollar bills onto the dancer box in front of the bare feet. He returned to his seat at the bar. A few minutes later he got up again and repeated the tipping process. I watched him do this seven or eight times during the dancer's first session. Each time the dancer would lean down and thank the old man. The thought popped into my mind, "That's me in a few years." A big smile spread across my face. I'd seen my future and I could live with that.
   It was a rainy, stormy night in Pittsburgh. You could feel that a heavy downpour was about to commence but for now it was clear. We parked in a nearby Pep Boys lot and walked to PTown Bar. Upon entering the bar, all eyes turned toward the three of us. As you step inside the entrance, there is a long bar to the right of the room. There were 10-12 customers sitting around the bar. This was a neighborhood type bar and it was obvious they were regulars. You could read their faces. Who are these people? They are not one of us.
   To the left of the bar in front was the box for the dancer, and several high tables with chairs toward the back. We stopped at the bar and got a beer, then sat down at one of the tables. It was only a few minutes before a tall, slim yet muscular dancer made his way to the box. He was wearing underwear which he slid off as soon as he stepped up and began to dance.
   His name was Brett, mid 20s, and during the night we found out he danced to make extra cash to pay the bills. He had a nice body with a great ass. His endowment was above average and swung ever so proudly from his shaved crotch. I followed the example of the elderly man and made my way to the box and dropped a few dollars. The dancer leaned down and thanked me.

   The music was way too loud to have much of a conversation with Brett when tipping but he dropped by our table selling jello shots and we were able to visit with him then. We didn't buy the jello shots, just kept slipping tips into his waistband.

   I recommend PTown for a starting place or a stop on your night of bar hopping. Depending on the dancer, it is worth a visit. Brett was the only dancer the night we visited PTown. There was no cover and the parking at the Pep Boys lot was free. The bar was easy to get to and beers were priced about the same as other bars of its kind, $3.25-$4 plus tips.
   Until next time, I hope you see dick in your future. And remember to drop those dollars on the box!

Note: All pics above are from the PTown Website.
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