Friday, October 24, 2014

When Clothes Are Required...
What Are They Wearing?

(Photo Source: X-Room At Mardi Gra = Springfield, MA)
   I have one piece of advice to pass on to exotic male dancers when it comes to selecting underwear for 'work' at the club, bar or event. Pay attention now. Here it is!!! "If the underwear you have on increases your tips, then you've made the best selection." That's the only thing you need to be concerned about.

(Photo Source: Rain on 4th = Austin, TX)
   If the underwear is increasing your tips, then it must look good on you! It must make you look sexy! And your fans/customers are motivated to slip dollars in its waistband, etc. Here's the brands can be nice but if they aren't increasing your tips, then why pay all that money for something that isn't working for you?

(Photo Source: Darryl Riddler at BPM New York)
   In this blog I have collected pics from around Facebook as a random sample of what some of the working male dancers are wearing at the clubs. You can see some of the familiar brands like Andrew Christian, Calvin Klein, Pump, Diesel, American Eagle, Papi, Emporio Armani, Hugo Boss, D & G and many more. There are also guys who are wearing some of the inexpensive Chinese products and they look hot and sexy!

(Photo Source: Thomas Trinity)
   For those male dancers who have spent a lot of time concerning yourself with buying specific brand names, let me tell you a little secret. When the fans/customers are looking at your underwear, they aren't checking out the brand label.

(Photo Source: Dustin Gold at Eleven Nightclub in West Hollywood, CA)
   Unless that label is printed over your 'junk' or your sweet bubble butt, chances are, they'll never see it. What they are looking at is how much they can actually see when that pair of underwear is molded around your 'boyz'. Or how well those jock straps frame your ass! So, you can relax now and start looking for something that showcases your goods in a way that stirs the men and ladies to pull out those dollars and stick them in your paths to glory.

(Photo Source: Emiliano Bonilla at F Bar in Houston, TX)

(Photo Source: Zion of Men Of Skin - Kansas City, MO)

(Photo Source: Stockbar) in Montreal, Quebec

(Photo Source: Cockfight) in New York, NY

(Photo Source: Gruff at G Lounge in New York, NY)

(Photo Source: Rich's) in San Diego, CA

(Photo Source: Eleven Nightclub in West Hollywood, CA)
   Now, I'm all about the underwear. You see for me, "It's all about the tease!". The underwear keeps everything all covered up in a nice colorful wrapping. I'm watching hoping you'll pull that wrapping down and give me a peek of what lies beyond. That's working it for my attention. And I'll be up to tip you and cop a feel if I think I can get by with it.

(Photo Source: Males In Motion archives)
   When you bring everything down to it's most basic level, this is how important brand name underwear actually is. The pic above and below is what we really want to see. And just where is the brand name now? Yea, on the second look you saw it but not the first! ;)
   Until next time, keep teasing with that underwear! And all you customers/fans reading this, remember to strategically place those tips to show your appreciation!

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