Thursday, October 30, 2014

Smile And Wave Boys, Smile And Wave
All good things must come to an end
Bye And Thank You Mojo's!

   Over the past several years you have read reviews I have written, viewed pics I've taken, and liked promotions I have posted about Mojo's in Tulsa. Mojo's became my 'home male dancer bar' due to the great people that have worked, staff, DJs and dancers. This week Mojo's closed its doors and said goodbye. In the near future, the building will become the home for a new type of venue. For me, it's like a part of my family has moved on. So, I felt it only fitting to give a Males In Motion farewell.
   First of all, I say thank you to Tracie for providing such a place for exotic male dancer fans like myself. Because of you I met and made some great friends like Darrin, Brian B., Brandon, Austin, Craig, Steve, Kurt, Cody, Gary, Ryan-and-Wayne, Tareal and DJ Wes who is now at Area 18, and so many others...I can't list all so I'm sorry if I left some out. Tracie, I also value the friendship that has developed between us over the years.
   Please indulge me in this blog, I do feel the need to do some specific thank you's here. First, Brandon, thanks for always making sure I received the perfect Dirty Martini. You will forever be my primo bartender. Thank you Steve for keeping me informed on the events and activities of Mojo's. Craig, you've become a friend to the both of us and we always look forward to the next meal and conversation out with you. Darrin thanks for opening doors for me in other locations like Dallas.
   Thanks to all the male dancers both past and present who were always willing to let me show them at their best through pics. Special thanks go to Koda Rio, Jake, Magnum, Angel, Crimson, Blaze Buck Stone and Ray.
   Enjoy the gallery below of some of my favorite pics, dancers, etc. that I've enjoyed at Mojo's.
   And with that I say a sad good bye to one of my favorite bars. Thanks again to all.
   Until next time, as always, don't forget to tip the boyz! They may not be there next week!

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