Monday, November 3, 2014

The Rain Dance
11 Things That Inspire Me To Tip

(Photo Source: Thomas Trinity at BPM ~ NYC)
   I'm one of the those strange people who really like the rain. I should probably move to Seattle, or better yet, London. In my area of the U.S. lately, it has been raining and raining and then raining again. All this rain has made me think about the phrase, "Make it rain!" Which of course is speaking about a stripper and a tipper. The tipper is motivated to start throwing down the cash or loosely dropping it to make it rain dollar bills.

(Photo Source: Thomas Trinity at BPM ~ NYC)
   This started me thinking about what does it take from a male stripper to make me want to make it rain for him. I've come up with eleven different things that all work together to make me start dropping the dollahs.

 1  Physical attraction...yep, that is obvious. I mean, why else do we want to watch the dancing boys, except they make our eyes dance across their hot bodies and pretty faces. And in that order I might add... hot body first, then pretty face.

(Photo Source: Floppy Rooster ~ Miami, FL)
    2  I get some attention. When the object of my attraction returns some attention in my direction, it makes a connection. This connection begins a stir that becomes more powerful than I can resist. I become "buttah". Yes, I'm easy. That fact has been established!

(Photo Source: Thomas Trinity at BPM ~ NYC)
    3  The connection has been made causing a fantasy to begin to play in my head. I hear myself thinking, "I wonder what I can get by with". I began a more thorough inspection of the male dancer and imagine what could be if my hands were allowed to roam free.

(Photo Source: G Lounge ~ NYC)
    4  I revisit the dancer's body topography. The first stop on this physical tour is to check out some of the local landmarks. I visit the nether region to see if a tall timber has grown toward the sky. This is why his selection of underwear is so important. Please don't hide in the shadows, I want skin-tight-little-imagination-needed fit for each pair of underwear he chooses.

(Photo Source: Thomas Trinity at BPM ~ NYC)
    5  I do like a little definition. So, if the dancer makes it to the gym a few times each week, I will be most appreciative of that six pack, and muscle definition that is displayed in the chest, legs and thighs, back and arms. I'm not screaming to be a muscle worshipper because slim, lean and defined works perfectly well for me.

(Photo Source: Lucky Horseshoe Lounge ~ Chicago, IL)
    6  Would a quarter bounce off of that ass? If it does, my attention will be focused for the rest of his session. Yes, a tight bubble butt is a terrible thing to waste. So, I will have to find a way to show my appreciation through tipping, touching, rubbing, slapping. f... oops, sorry, I got carried away there.

(Photo Source: Troy at the Xroom ~ Springfield, MA)
    7  The eyes have it. When I look into his eyes, I have a few things I like to see reflecting back at me. I like to see a sexy man who knows the game, likes to play the game, and knows how to play it. He's there to have fun, make some cash, and give the customers a good time. He can say it with his eyes. And in my opinion any exotic male dancer can have gorgeous eyes. If they work to make sure I'm having a good time.

(Photo Source: Floppy Rooster ~ Miami, FL)
    8  It's time for the crazy eights. This can be confusing but there are several personality types that can get me going. I like the bad boy. The very fact that a guy is an exotic male dancer, automatically puts him in somewhat of a bad boy category. Add in a few tattoos, maybe some leather, then a fun but bad boy attitude, and I'm hooked. I also like the jock who works hard to make his body look great but then likes to be appreciated for the hard work that he has done. And I also like the cute boy next door who hasn't yet realized just how good looking he actually is.

(Photo Source: Hollis ~ for Males In Motion)
    9  I love creativity. I love creativity in the underwear chosen. I like creativity in any costumes that are selected from which to strip out of. I like masculine themes: military, sports, warriors, uniforms, leather and most definitely cowboys! So, if you put a little more effort in your presentation, I'm sure to show my appreciation with a money shower or two. I need to put in a disclaimer here. I do not enjoy an exotic male dancer who dresses and dances like he'd rather be a drag queen. My advice to them is to embrace your true self, leave the dancer pole and go buy that evening gown, wig, heels and makeup. Then sashay to your heart's desire.

(Photo Source: Men Of Skin ~ Kansas City, MO)
    10  I love being 'naughty'. If I"m allowed to do a little sightseeing and forbidden exploration, then I'll in return, cause a little isolated thunderstorm in his specific location. For instance, when the classic song "Stroke it, stroke it" was playing, I once had a male dancer tell me that I should do as the song said. And I happily obliged.

(Photo Source: C. Marcelo for BJsNXs ~ Dallas, TX)
    11  The final and most important reason to inspire me to make it rain, is a genuine customer service oriented personality. A male dancer is there to entertain the crowd. So, entertain me. Let me know you're glad I showed up as a revenue source for your bills. Tell me thank you when I make a deposit in your waistband and below. Stop by my seat after your session and I'll make another contribution from my chair.
   I hear the thunder. I see the lightning. I'm forecasting rain showers in your region of the planet. I feel drums beating for the rain dance. Until next time, make it rain!

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