Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Crossing The Tan Line
I like crossing the line.

Photo Source: Mix Ultralounge - Springfield, MO

   "This is my side to here. Don't cross this line" my sister would say. My family took road trip vacations. My sister and I were almost always in the back seat of our car together. My roll was to be the annoying brother. And of course, when she drew her imaginary line, I immediately slid my butt over and across it. This would usually result in a loud vocal outburst from her, and then the expected, "Don't make me stop this car" from one of the parents in the front seat.

Photo Source: Share Nightclub - Las Vegas, NV

   Things haven't changed much when it comes to lines. I still feel the urge to cross the line. I am constantly crossing lines in my life. The only difference is I seem to get by with it more often. And when it comes to tan lines on those flat male dancer stomachs, well, I quickly slide right past it, and go for the prize!

Photo Source: Men Of Skin - Kansas City, MO

   When it comes to tipping the sexy male dancers I like crossing the tan line and placing the tip securely in the crotch area of their underwear. And while I'm there, maybe my fingers do a little dance of their own. You know, just a small dance of personal discovery.

Photo Source: Piranha Nightclub - Las Vegas, NV

   If I receive a verbal outburst or reprimand, then I'll straighten up, and behave for a little while. But often, I receive a smile, particularly if my other hand has another dollar in waiting for the next tip.

Photo Source: Stockbar - Montreal, Quebec

   What if there is no tan line, you might ask? Well, then there is always the hair line. And if the hair there, is bare? Well, then I let my fingers slide into the nether world behind the underwear until they can go no further, possibly blocked by an appendage.

Photo Source: LaBare Dallas - Dallas, TX

   Yes, I am one of those tippers who tries to see how far he can go before he gets cock blocked. I respect a dancer's boundaries, but when those boundaries are not built out of steel or stone and therefore a bit flexible, I tend to tip a bit more and a bit longer. When it involves exotic male dancers, my hands have a mind of their own. They do like to travel.

Photo Source: G Lounge - New York, NY

   I remember recently, hearing myself say, "I'm thinking I want to touch that. Yes, I do want to touch that." So, I did. And in that situation, I received a, you know what I did? I touched it again, and gave a little tug. Until next time, if your hand starts to travel, back it up with dollars...tip the boyz!



  1. Iam the same way. Love to test those boundaries! I'm glad to tip continuously if my dancer is willing to share himself with me in a BIGGER way. It's a mutual success!

    1. Well said Paul. Thanks for following the blog.