Thursday, July 16, 2015

I Call It Male Stripper Therapy
Club Review: Boxers N Briefs near St. Louis

Photo Source: Boxers N Briefs Facebook Page

   For many years I have followed the dancing boyz who wear little or no clothing while moving their bodies seductively to sexually charged music. This past month, the mundane responsibilities of day-to-day life had brought me to a point of desperation as boredom with the same ol', same ol' had taken its toll. Out of the blue, my friend Cobalt came to my rescue. He messaged me requesting my presence at Boxers N Briefs in Centreville, IL (across the Mississippi River from St. Louis). It was the perfect excuse to escape for a few hours and obtain some Male Stripper Therapy. My self-diagnosis recommended a night at Boxers N Briefs.
   I arrived at Boxers N Briefs on Friday night early, because I like to start my treatments before any crowds might arrive. A sign in the entrance directed me to go to the bar and pay the cover to the bartender. I ordered my first alcoholic beverage and spotted Cobalt. We sat together and surveyed the club, the dancers, and shared our opinions and preferences. There were at least 10 different dancers at the club, most were slim, young and what could be defined as twinks. There were also a couple of more muscular guys. As their names were called, they took turns on the front bar and then the back bar...first, dancing in sexy underwear and then nothing except their socks...which remain so the customers have a place to put their tips.
   Cobalt had been to the club the night before and had enjoyed the company of the dancer Caleb. Caleb made his way to where we were seated and introduced himself. He greeted me and I realized he was a friend on Facebook. He returned several times throughout the night to visit, and I even spent some time tipping him at the front bar. Caleb was a great host for Boxers N Briefs, he made us feel welcomed and checked to make sure we were having a good time. At one point Cobalt disappeared into the private lap dance area with Caleb. But I'll leave that story for him to tell.
   I enjoyed the company of Emmett and Benjamin at either the front or back bars. Emmett had stopped at my table to speak with me earlier in the night. We sat and talked a little while. I enjoyed visiting with him as well as placing tips.
   In the middle of the front bar is a glassed in shower. At different times during the night, Brandon and Leo performed individual shower shows. Watching these two lather up their beautiful bodies is quite a sight. I noticed Leo was a favorite of many of the customers and stayed busy all night. Brandon is popular too. A group of ladies were there celebrating birthdays. Brandon was one of their favorites. When you see what hangs between Brandon's legs, you'll understand one of the reasons. When the shower shows are finished, the boys walk around the club with a bucket or other container. Drop in a dollar or two to let them know how much you enjoyed it!
   When it comes to twink-type dancers, Benjamin is exactly the kind I like. I sat at the corner bar while he danced on and around the pole. He greeted me and thanked me for the tips. Another customer was sitting at the other side of this corner. He was filling up one sock while I was filling up the other. Both of us enjoying the views above us of Benjamin's lean body and cute butt...among other things.
   I like it when I think my night is going to go one way but it winds up going in a completely different direction that I wasn't expecting, and I really enjoy the surprises of the new direction. I had been watching a particular dancer and was ready to go to the private lap dance area with him as soon as he stepped my direction, when in front of my eyes I see trimmed red hair starting to appear as the waistband of a pair of underwear starts sliding down. I like gingers and this trimmed red hair belonged to Cameron. Cameron has a nice body. He is cute in both looks and personality. Full nudity was soon achieved (except the socks), and I watched as Cameron's soldier stood at attention. Of all the male dancers at the club that night, Cameron was my favorite.
   After Cobalt had left for the night, I parked myself at the corner of the front bar and began tipping whichever dancer was in front of me at the time. As the night went on, I began to feel refreshed, revived, a bit horny, and had a smile stuck on my face. The Male Stripper Therapy had once again worked its magic. Of course, one of the best parts of the night was getting to see Rob, friend and BnB bartender, again. Rob and I keep in touch through Facebook but I always enjoy getting to sit at his bar, drink something he has mixed up for me, and catching up. He's a lot more than just a bartender at BnB. He is a major force in keeping BnB one of my favorite clubs. Plus, he gives great hugs!

Photo Source: Boxers N Briefs Facebook Page

   When your sleep schedule is all out of whack causing your body to feel off kilter, and your emotions are on the fritz, I recommend Male Stripper Therapy. When possible, I also recommend that you receive your treatments at Boxers N Briefs near St. Louis, Missouri. Stop in and tell Rob and the guys that Mike from Males In Motion says hello. Tip them once or twice for me! Until next time, I wish you much success in your therapy sessions.
NOTE: As you notice there are no male dancer pics in this blog. Honestly, that was because I was too busy spending time with the boys and didn't want to stop and take pics. I recommend you check out Mikey Berner, a photographer who captures the boys of Boxers N Briefs on a regular basis. CLICK HERE to visit his Facebook page. You'll need to log in to Facebook for the link to work.



  1. I was there two nights. On the second night, I was so pleased to meet Michael Hill finally! He is a gentle soul with solid (and clearly articulated) standards in male stripper entertainment. We discussed strategies for engaging strippers and customers, and assessed the environment at BnB. At first, he was reserved. But as the evening continued, I think he enjoyed the transition from a remote table to a seat right up at the bar, where the willies were dangling within inches of our faces. (I think the therapy was working.)

    I especially liked the shower shows because the guys' wet bodies were tight and they glistened in the club lights. It was beautiful and kind of hypnotizing. However, I am an impulse tipper. So, when i see a dancer do something particularly erotic or sensual, i reach into my wallet instinctively to tip. Since i could not tip directly while the guys were in the shower, i decided to collect each of my tips in a pile and then drop the pile into the basket when the dancers circulated after their showers, dressed only in a loosely-tied towel that looked about ready to fall off. (It was pretty magical. ha ha)

    I did take Caleb for a private dance and I will only say this, "holy shit that boy can dance on me any fuckin' time he wants! He truly made me feel like i was the only person with 100 miles". I'm typically drawn to beefier dancers, but Caleb absolutely rocked the walls during the therapy session in the lap dance area. So, i'm a believer in expanding our horizons as often as possible.

    I know of the ginger, Cameron, that Michael described. Not only is he hot, but he is smart and sweet. My other favorite guy remains unfortunately un-named, but he got my attention when he hung from the ceiling with a full erection and a giant smile for all to enjoy. I still regret not committing his name to my memory as i was stuffing bills into his sock. But, you know, it's tough to carry on a good conversation when there's a penis in your face. :)

    I also want to thank Rob for allowing me, as a visiting stripper, to do a naked cameo on the stage. What a welcoming place! I really enjoyed the customers and the staff. Phillip is a true profession who dances, pours drinks, keeps people in line, and smiles throughout it all. Grrrrr!

    The venue is in a remote location, with a concentration of other adult-themed establishments, including a str8 gentlemen's club and several bookstores. If you're a big rig driver with a need for stripper therapy, you'll be glad to know the parking lot is tractor-trailer friendly.

    I cannot wait to return to this place!

    1. It was great to finally meet you as well Cobalt. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself at BnB. Also, no one told me how hot you are! Next time, I want a naked bar dance the night I am there as well! :D

    2. thank you very much for the compliment, Michael. If you don't mind a muscle daddy wagging his anaconda at you, then i would be most happy to oblige. ;)