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Six Ways To Make More In Tips - Mike's Suggestions To Male Dancers - And These Are Easy!

Photo Source: Men Of Eden   Dancer: Ricky Roman for Men Of Eden
Location: Trevi Lounge ~ Fairfield, CT

   There are six simple things you can do that will increase the amount of money you make in tips. In this blog I will give pointers on how to accomplish each one easily. The more of the six you master, the more you will see your tips increase.

Photo Source: Asher Photography   Dancer: Ricky Spanish
Location: Area 18 ~ Tulsa, OK

#1 - SMILE
   Let's start with a smile. A smile can present an entire conversation to the customer when you haven't said one single word. You might think that a smile should be automatic, but unfortunately it is not. There are some dancers who either forget to smile, or maybe they never have. A smile presents an attitude that makes you approachable, friendly and having fun. Let us speak plainly. A smile can be the bait that reels in the customer to tip. I have been in clubs where a dancer had an amazing body but he does not smile. This gives off the vibe that either he is conceited and arrogant, or doesn't want to be there. I have also seen straight male dancers who are dancing in a gay club but have not yet found their comfort level. Find it and get with the program. That is, if you are wanting to make any money in tips. And gay men do like to tip.
   Without a smile many customers are turned off. And if the other dancers have hot bodies and are smiling at the customers, it doesn't take a genius to figure out where the tip money will go. As an example, I hold up Ricky (pic above) at Area 18 in Tulsa, OK who is known for his smile. Click here and read why Ricky was the Males In Motion February Obsession.

   Friday night seems to be the night of the week when the most tips can often be made. That is excluding any special events held on other nights. Friday night is the night when most folks are ready to blow off steam after a week of work. This involves spending money on beer, cocktails, and entertainment. In some locations Saturday night is the big night. This causes most of the dancers to want to work the weekend nights. That's understandable. However, this means more dancers show up on weekend nights which translates into the tips being spread over a greater number of dancers. If you are one of the most popular dancers, then hey, that may work for you. But if you are not, there may be too much competition for the customer dollars for you to have a good night of tips. If you are wanting to make more in tips, then sometimes you have to add an additional night, or work the nights that fewer dancers want to work. All you are giving up is your time. During the week, you could have visiting business people who are ready to have a little fun. All it takes is one big spender on a week day night to make it the biggest night in tips. You'll also be building some kudos with the management. They sometimes struggle with having enough dancers on non-weekend nights.

Photo Source: Men Of Skin Facebook
Location: Mix Ultralounge ~ Springfield, MO    Dancer: Zion

   I will tip a dancer if he is wearing a cowboy hat and/or cowboy boots even if I'm not really into him. I will tip a dancer if he adds some type of accessory like a leather harness, a hat, army boots and hat with dog tags, etc. There are so many things that can be added here. I love a male dancer in and out of underwear as much as the next male dancer fan. But if a dancer takes the initiative to go one step further and play into my fantasies, then I'm going to tip, and tip extra. This is really important to the guys who dance at a club where there are many male dancers. You want to distinguish yourself from the rest. It is also important for the regular customers who have seen the same thing from you every week. Step up your game and add some costume enhancements. I will say one word of warning here, I do not tip for items I feel are more appropriate for a drag queen. However, if you have customers who respond to that, then go for it. It's just not my thing.

   When a person is in their early 20s, they may not decide where they want to party on a particular night, until just before they leave their house, or when they meet up with friends. However, older customers are not like that. They are used to planning their weeks. And they usually make plans a week or more in advance of an event. If you are wanting your older customers to come to the club and tip you, you need to give them plenty of notice. This is the same for travelers. If they are going to need transportation, they are wanting to make decisions early so they know they have the flight, etc., to the area. If you wait to promote yourself in social media, etc., on the day of the event, you have already missed several opportunities for receiving tips from the older customers. Let me ask the customers in their 20s tip well for you? If so, then excellent! But I will inform you that you are among the few male dancers where this is the case. The older customers have more dollars to spend. If you want to receive some of those dollars in tips, then you need to promote at least a week early, and then a few more times as the day approaches. I applaud the dancing boys in Ohio, like Johnny W. Dangerously (above), who are masters at this type of promotion. Click here and see why Johnny W. Dangerously was the Males In Motion March Obsession.

#5 - TEASE
   "It's All About The Tease!" is one of my favorite slogans for Males In Motion. There are a few male dancers that need to be told a little secret...just because you are standing around in your underwear, or less, doesn't mean I'm going to tip you. Nope. Don't get me wrong. I'm grateful, but like all customers/fans we have likes and dislikes and will react accordingly. I enjoy tipping dancers who fit the categories of twinks, guys with athletic defined bodies or wiry muscular bodies. My partner on the other hand likes male dancers who are stocky and hairy, and often goes for the more mature looking dancers as well. However, I'll let you in on another secret...with a little added tease, a customer can decide to include your type in their preferences, if only for a moment. And that moment is long enough to receive a tip.

Photo Source: Noah, dancer at Boxers N Briefs ~ near St. Louis, MO

   I've already labeled myself as easy when it comes to male dancers and it's true. But like I said, I do have my preferences. These preferences have been expanded at times for different reasons. I have tipped a male dancer when he gave me a shoulder rub after I'd been traveling all day. It was well worth it. I have tipped a dancer that I wasn't interested in because he stopped and had a conversation with me and tried to connect with me. Sure, he was working me, but he wasn't just standing there waiting and expecting me to tip him. But I did because he made a connection. With both there was also a tease through a little sexual innuendo and/or maybe blatant sex talk during the exchange. And it should be no surprise that I have tipped because I was given a sneak peek of 'the goods'...not always the full monty, but enough to capture my attention. I also want to say that I have tipped a second time because after the first tip, the dancer either gave me a hug or a quick kiss usually on my cheek or forehead.

Photo Source: Southern Studs Live Facebook   Based in South Carolina

   When someone comes up and tips you while you are dancing, working the pole, on the box, on the stage, giving a lap dance, etc., first say "thank you", give them a hug or light kiss on the cheek, and remember them. After you have finished your session, that song, or however your time is broken up among dancers, find each person that tipped you, and go to them to say thanks for tipping me while I was dancing. It is almost a guarantee that they will tip you again at that time. Please be grateful for the tip and not just following through the motion. If you are fake, they will pick up on that and may keep their money in their pocket. But if you are sincere, and go to them, give them a little attention and say thanks, you will almost always get at least one tip if not more. Some customers will continue tipping you while you are standing there. I do. If I've got up out of my seat and walked up to the area where the dancer is performing and tip them, then that is stating that I like this dancer. So, I'm already open to tipping more.

Photo Source: Stock Bar - Wednesday is Ladies Night ~ Montreal, Quebec

   How many of the six have you already mastered? There are many more suggestions, tips and ideas that can assist the male dancer in making more in tips. If anyone has a good one to offer, please post it in the comment section below. To all the customers and male dancer fans who have been reading along in this blog, we say thank you for tipping! It keeps the exotic male dancer entertainment industry going! Plus, it's fun!

Photo Source: Males In Motion
   Save the bulge! Work for the tips! And customers, please tip generously! Thank you very kindly!

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