Thursday, May 30, 2019

The Men of Stock Bar - Males In Motion Obsession For May 2019 - And They Go "Full Nude"

Photo Source: Stockbar ~ Montreal, QC, Canada     Dancer: Frank
    I have been a big fan of Stock Bar in Montreal, Quebec since the early days of Males In Motion. I discovered way back then that Stock Bar was broadcasting live online. I was so excited that I subscribed to the website so I could watch the muscular athletic dancers from the privacy of my home. Oh, did I mention they do a session fully nude? Stock Bar has consistently presented some of the most visually pleasing male dancers you will find in all of North America.

Photo Source: Stockbar ~ Montreal, QC, Canada     Dancer: Ryan
   Each year I subscribe to the online broadcast at various times throughout the year to keep up with the latest dancers. This usually happens when I am not traveling to clubs that feature male dancers. That way I get my male stripper fix online. It keeps a smile on my face.

Photo Source: Stockbar ~ Montreal, QC, Canada     Dancer: Fabio
    A few months ago, I was able to travel to Montreal and be at Stock Bar in person. And once again, the club exceeded my expectations. During that visit four particular dancers stood out to me: Tyler, Fabio, Morgan and Simon. Tyler was cute, put on a great show with a great smile as well as other assets. Morgan spent some time sitting beside us and 'working' us in the right way. He was sexy and his charm resulted in a very fun private lap dance. Simon was cute and worked us as well. Unfortunately, we ran out of time before we could have a private with him but he's on the list for next time. He was very cute and amazing on the stage. Fabio has been one of my favorites for a while. He is hot af, sexy and all the rest. I knew before I walked in the door that if he was dancing that night, I'd be doing a private with him. And yes, I did. It was so much fun! In fact, it was listed as my favorite private lap dance of 2018 in the Males In Motion 2018 Favorites List.
    I want to make you aware that Males In Motion is an affiliate with Stock Bar online. I also want to make it clear that if I did not believe in the quality of the entertainment they provide, I would not be recommending them or work with them as an affiliate. Males In Motion is all about the experience for the customer. For me, Stock Bar delivers both online and in person. My online experiences have been fun and the recent in-house experience was great! This is why we have chosen the Men Of Stock Bar to be the Males In Motion Obsession for May 2019. We have previously featured individual dancers Frank and Gunner as Males In Motion Obsessions as well. There are links below where you can go and check out those blogs.

Photo Source: Stockbar ~ Montreal, QC, Canada     Dancer: Adrian
    I recommend that you check out the Stock Bar website. Yes, there is an option there where you can subscribe if you want. And yes, if you do subscribe, I will receive a commission. However, even if you do not want to subscribe, I recommend that you check out the sections for Dancers, Videos and Pics which are free. There are a lot of hot pics and videos there that you can view for free. The semi-naked and naked dancers will provide enough support as to why I have chosen to be an affiliate with Stock Bar.

Photo Source: Stockbar ~ Montreal, QC, Canada     Dancer: Jasper

Photo Source: Stockbar ~ Montreal, QC, Canada     Dancer: Dereck
   Just an FYI, in the Dancer Studio you are able to chat with a dancer and watch as he well, takes care of business. And you can watch those previously broadcasted as well.
   Something else I wanted to mention was about Fabio. I knew I was going to have a private lap dance with him because I had chosen him to be in the ad on the Males In Motion website a few years ago. That way I could see him almost every day. Thanks for following the Males In Motion blog and enjoy the Men from Stock Bar. I do. Until next time, don't forget to tip the dancing boys in your area!

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