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Happy New Year - Plus A Few Days - Males In Motion's "18" Favorites Of 2018

Photo Source: Males In Motion
    Happy New Year! Welcome to 2019, plus a few days. I had hoped to post this blog before New Year's Eve but real life took over and told me no. So, I'm posting it today. 2018 was a fun year for us. We traveled to many places in North America to watch and tip the dancing boys. In this blog we are listing our favorites of the year. This is a subjective list and is based solely on our experiences and those of our social circle, social media friends and blog readers. For clubs we considered how often they feature male dancers. For male dancers we considered how often they perform. We spent more time in the state of Ohio this past year so that is reflected as well. Click on the pic to find out more about that specific favorite. Please leave a comment below if you would like to mention one of your favorites of 2018. Thanks for reading this blog and following Males In Motion.
Favorite Club (Features Male Dancers Nightly): The Corner Pocket in New Orleans, LA.
    New Orleans is one of the premier party cities in the U.S. It is therefore no surprise that one of the most fun bars featuring male dancers is located there. We always plan for two nights at The Corner Pocket whenever we visit. For us, one is never enough. New dancers frequently arrive to provide new eye candy and tipping opportunities. Other dancers stay for a while and become customer favorites. Many of the bartenders and staff members have been there for several years giving The Corner Pocket a unique atmosphere. We feel like we're visiting old friends and family each time we drop by. (We'll be posting a bar review from our most recent visit soon.)

Favorite NUDE Male Strip Club (Features Male Dancers Nightly):
X-Room at Mardi Gras in Springfield, MA
   We find the boys of New England to be sexy af. And we're glad that some of the sexiest find their way to X-Room at Mardi Gras in Springfield, MA. One of the best things about this club is that they focus on their customers. They know that if their customers are having a good time, then they will come back and the bar will remain successful. This mentality flows from Manager Sammy and through the bartenders, staff and dancers. Any time we are in the area, you will definitely find us sitting at the bar and in the private lap dance area. And did we mention these dancers strip to naked? Woohoo! Click here and read why we selected the boys of X-Room to be the Males In Motion Obsession for December 2018.

Favorite Neighborhood Bar (Features Male Dancers Nightly):
Zippers in Dallas, TX
Photo Source: Zippers ~ Dallas, TX
    When you enjoy the bartenders and barbacks as much as the male dancers, you know you've found something special. On our visit to Zippers in Dallas, TX this was our exact experience. The private lap dance with Brian was exceptional. Just as exceptional was the conversation with bartender Stormy. And watching bartender Eduardo who has since left Zippers was a treat for the eyes. Barback Johnathan kept our attention throughout the night. We look forward to our next trip to Dallas and Zippers will be on the top of our list of places to visit. Click here and read our review of Zippers. You'll find out why we felt Big D rose to the occasion.

Favorite Show Bar (Features Male Dancers Weekly):
MJ's on Jefferson in Dayton, OH
   Mj's on Jefferson in Dayton, OH is a great space! The layout of the bar is one of our favorites. The club has the ability to host large shows in their back stage area. When a smaller, more intimate environment is needed, they close off the large stage area and focus on another smaller stage. A space is simply a space. It's the great people, staff, customers and entertainers that bring that space to life and make it what it is! Mj's has all of that and more! It's the kind of bar we all wish we had in our hometown. Click here and read our review of MJ's on Jefferson.

Favorite Males In Motion Monthly Obsession:
Scott Rivers ~ Near Houston, TX
   Each month a male dancer or male dancers are selected to be the Males In Motion Obsession for that month. The monthly obsession is selected based on the impact that dancer had on us during that month or for several months before. We see a pic or hear a report from a fan and our interest is peaked. Scott Rivers was selected to be the Males In Motion Obsession for November 2018. We love his hot body and his southern accent. And everyone who follows us knows that we love cowboys. Scott is a cowboy on and off the stage. That fact pushes all our buttons in the right way. As a result, we have selected Scott to be the Males In Motion Favorite Obsession for 2018. Click here and discover more about Scott in the blog which featured him.

Favorite Promo Photos:
Ford, Men Of Skin - Kansas City, MO
   Ford, a male dancer with Men Of Skin in Kansas City, MO, is a natural. His pics are always sensual. His images look effortless and at ease. They make us want to know more about this dancer. We have watched Ford perform at Missie B's in Kansas City, MO. In the word of the day, Ford makes you 'thirsty' when he dances! His images do the same. And isn't that the job of the exotic male dancer? Click his pics above to see more about Ford and the Men Of Skin.

Favorite Use Of Costumes By A Male Dancer:
Gunner Calvin Scout - Columbus, OH
   I love male dancers who push beyond the basic underwear and street clothes and create fantasies for the customers. Gunner Calvin Scout has been one of the best this past year. I first watched him perform as policeman and gladiator at Boscoe's in Columbus, OH. Then I caught him again in Dayton, OH at MJ's on Jefferson where a fireman and man in leather appeared. You can catch him as the fireman with his hose in a video in our review of MJ's. Click here and check it out!

Favorite Bulge Pic:
Zane - Kansas City, MO
    "Save The Bulge" is a Males In Motion campaign to help support the bars and clubs that feature exotic male dancers. We also write a specific monthly blog called "The Bulge" to honor the boys who have chosen to put their junk on display in social media wearing a great pair of underwear or costume, or nothing at all. Zane in pic above made us catch our breath with this pic. We've watched Zane perform at Missie B's in Kansas City, MO. He is one of our favorite Men Of Skin. Click here and show some love to Zane and the Men Of Skin. You can also Click Here and check out some of our "The Bulge" blogs with covered and uncovered penises! Woot!

Favorite Theme Nights Of The Week:
Various - See List Below
Photo Source: Multiple

Favorite Newcomer:
Titus McMasters - Columbus, OH
    Titus McMasters is one of those male dancers that we liked immediately. We watched him perform at MJ's on Jefferson in Dayton, OH. Our word for him at that time was "seductive". It was very enjoyable tipping and chatting with him during the night. Click here and watch a video of his performance at MJ's in the blog review.

Favorite Back Stage Moment:
Cole Knight - in Lima, OH
Photo Source:Cole Knight Facebook
   In October we traveled to Lima, OH to the club Somewhere, to serve as a judge for the Next Magic Mike Contest. One of our favorite contestants was Cole Knight. He was chosen that night as "Daddy's Choice", a prize given to a favorite dancer of a special fan! One of the perks of being a judge of the contest was getting to go back stage and hang out. I got to meet some great people who were a mix of contestants and entertainers for the night. One of my favorite moments was seeing Cole Knight back stage. Yes, of course I was looking. I'll just leave this right here. All I want to say is "Show directors, when you get a chance, book Cole Knight for your show! You can thank me later." Click here and read our blog featuring the "Next Magic Mike Contest" at Somewhere in Lima, OH.

Favorite Mistress Of Ceremonies:
Abortia Clinique (Bryan Richardson) - Columbus, OH
    We first met Abortia at O'Connor's Club 20 in Columbus, OH a couple of years ago. We were impressed with the male dancers that she had gathered for her Sunday night show. This year we were able to return to the Sunday Night "Show N Tail" at Club 20 and had a blast. Abortia has assisted in introducing us to many new experiences. This year we learned what pasties are for. We also enjoyed a wink or two. Abortia's enthusiasm and love for what she is doing comes through at every show. And although you'll find her at Club 20 on Sunday nights, Abortia can also be seen performing and hosting shows at other area bars and clubs. We say "Thank You!" to Abortia for all she does to keep the boys dancing! Click here and read our review of Show N Tail at Club 20.

Favorite Male Dancer Performance:
Trouble - Columbus, OH
Photo Source:Trouble Facebook
   We have had the pleasure of watching Trouble perform at three different clubs in the Columbus, Oh area over the past couple of years. In one he was dressed as an animal with a tail. When he's on a large stage, he has a little trot that he does when strutting across the stage. We love it! The most recent performance was this past October at Club 20 where we sat front and center watching him in little more than a jock strap. His tight body is sexy and his choice of underwear, jockstraps, costumes, etc., is always fun! But one thing we like the most is his attitude. His choice of dancer name "Trouble" explains it all. We chose his performance at Club 20 to be our Favorite Male Dancer performance for 2018 because of all of the above and the fact that he winked at us. It's that simple. Well, it didn't hurt that he was wearing a cowboy hat as well. But if you want to know the real story, click here and read about that wink! (NOTE: Pic above is not from Club 20.)

Favorite Private Lap Dance:
Fabio - Montreal, Quebec
Photo Source:Stock Bar Facebook
    Full disclosure - Males In Motion is an advertising affiliate of Stock Bar in Montreal, Quebec. And we love that relationship with Stock Bar which we feel is one of the best male strip clubs in North America. In order to assure they are maintaining a quality experience for the customers, we do two things: First, we subscribe to their online broadcast once or twice a year to monitor the quality of dancers, images, and how well we enjoy the experience. Second, when possible we travel to Montreal and enjoy an in-house experience at the club. We were in Montreal in late November. Fabio has been the featured dancer on an ad on the first page of our website for about two years. We had never met him but that changed in November. We watched and spoke with several dancers during the night and selected Fabio to be our first private lap dance of the night. We will not go into details here. All we'll say is that we selected it to be our Favorite Private Lap Dance for 2018. That speaks volumes.

Favorite Nude Male Dancer:
Hugo - Pittsburgh, PA
    We understand and respect that some bars/clubs do not post pics of their dancers online. There are differing reasons for this including privacy. However, even without a pic, we wanted to recognize our favorite nude male dancer for 2018. Hugo is in his twenties, had brown hair, and a nice body from all directions. And of course, that is what first caught our attention. We were sitting at the bar at Lucky's and looking up as Hugo was standing in front and above us. Talk about scenery! But, what made him stand out from all the others that we tipped throughout the year was his personality. And yes, he had a great personality to go with his appearance. He bent down and sat down several times during his rotations of the night and spoke with us. We chatted about lots of different things. He was like the boy next door. Of course this boy next door was very hot, and naked. I'll admit that much of my tip money for the night went into his thigh band which is where you place the tips for Lucky's male dancers. Thanks goes to Hugo for a memorable experience. We look forward to returning to Pittsburgh.

Favorite Go-Go Dancer:
Gio - Las Vegas, NV
   We have been following Gio for a while now. And any time someone tells us that they are going to Vegas, we tell them to stop in at Piranha Nightclub and watch Gio dance. Also, be sure and tip him! He has an amazing body, sexy good looks and can move! Any time we see a pic of Gio posted on social media, we immediately give it a "like" or "love". This isn't the first time that we've acknowledged Gio in our blogs. He was selected as the Males In Motion Obsession for February 2018. Click here and see more hot pics of Gio in that blog!

Favorite Pole Dancer:
Gabe - Springfield, MA
Photo Source:Gabe
    Gabe has been mentioned and featured in several Males In Motion blogs. And it's no secret that he is our favorite male dancer at X-Room at Mardi Gras in Springfield, MA. It hasn't often been mentioned that he is a very talented pole dancer. (No pun intended). He has the strength and agility to climb and hold himself in various positions and poses at different levels on the dancer pole. He is entertaining and fun to watch. And let's just say that all that strength and agility also translates into amazing private lap dance experiences as well. While we're at it, let's add another entertainment skill to the mix. He is a former Mr. X-Room which required that he perform as a male stripper. We recommend Gabe to show directors for an all-round exotic male dancer performer. He has the looks, body and talent.

Favorite Male Stripper:
Johnny W. Dangerously - Columbus, OH
    We at Males In Motion describe ourselves as Johnny W. Dangerously super-fans. It's not just his sexy body. It's not just the way he fills out his underwear. It's not just that dang sexy voice that makes you melt. It's not just because he sat in Mike's lap and took selfies while at MJ's in Dayton, OH. It's also his sense of humor. He smiles a lot and laughs a lot and brings his fans with him into his humor. He has an attitude of gratefulness which he expresses when receiving tips, recognition or other accolades, He is popular with the locals. It's easy to be liked by those who rarely see you, but he is always in demand and if wanted, could be booked every night of the week by clubs in Ohio and nearby states. He maintains a professional attitude and interacts with fans, show directors, bartenders, club owners, drag queens, djs, other entertainers, etc., all with respect and cooperation. His professionalism is not only shown when dealing with people in person, but also in his social media posts. We recommend Johnny W. Dangerously to all show directors without question. He is what quality in this industry looks like. He is the Males In Motion Favorite Male Stripper for 2018.

    Thank you to everyone who participated in the exotic male dancer entertainment industry in 2018. Thank you first to all the customers who pay cover charges, buy cocktails and beers, and tip the dancing boys! Thanks to all the dancing boys who entertain us each week! Thanks to all the show directors who bring in the dancing boys for their shows. Thanks to the bartenders who serve us and keep us smiling. Thanks to all those who work behind the scenes. Thanks to the managers and owners who put in long hours. And all those who I have failed to mention. Thank you all for everything you do to keep the boys dancing! Until next time, don't forget to tip the boys!!!
Click below and watch those sexy French Canadian boys!

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