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The Tip Jar: Haters Gonna Hate - Body Shaming in the Male Stripper World

(Pic Above: Chippendales. Although we love them, it is a reality that the appearance of many male dancers is not the same as that of the Chippendales.)
    I have noticed many social media posts lately where men and/or women are bashing a male dancer because he doesn't fit their idea of what one should look like. These haters have been conditioned to hold the view that for a male to be an exotic male dancer his appearance must very closely fit the Chippendale mold. In other words, the guy must be between the ages of 20-35. He must have a handsome face, beautiful eyes, perfect hair, and great teeth with an amazing smile. He must possess a muscular and toned physique with solid shoulders, chest and arms, strong thighs, six pack abs and lean but muscular legs. And of course he must have a large cock and a tight bubble butt.
(Pic Above: Chippendale Dancer.)
    Ok, well hell yea, all of that sounds amazing to me! Where do I put the tips? (or the tip). However, that is not the reality. Sure there are guys some who are blessed and others who have worked hard to achieve that appearance, or both. But just because a male dancer has all of that, doesn't mean he'll be a success. And just because he doesn't have all of that doesn't mean he will not be a success.
(Pic Above: Men Of Skin at Missie B's in Kansas City, MO.)
    After almost 16 years in this business there is one thing I know for sure, customers and fans have different tastes and appetites when it comes to male dancers. I can give you an example from my own household. If you've read any of my blogs, you will know that I am first drawn toward wiry, yet muscular male dancers. It doesn't matter to me what ethnicity a dancer may be as long as they have that wiry, yet muscular physique. I also like guys with chest that are trimmed or smooth. My partner Jay on the other hand likes beefy guys, both muscular and not. And you'll hear him growl from the crowd if they are hairy.
(Pic Above: Male dancer Savage from Men Of Eden)
    There are fans who are muscle worshippers who like body builders. There are fans who like skinny little twinks, or 'breakables' as one of my friends calls them. There are fans who are attracted to one particular ethnicity or another. There are fans who like the more mature dancers, those hot daddies. And I know a guy who danced until he was almost 50. And had he wanted to and felt like it, he could have continued because he was still loved by the customers and fans. There are fans who follow porn stars who also dance. There are those who prefer straight, and those who prefer gay dancers. And we haven't touched the surface of the fans with specific fetishes like feet. Every customer is different. Every customer is turned on by something different.
(Pic Above: Colin David - Ohio Allstar Male Stripper Of The Year 2018)
    I will go on to say that although I've described what I am first drawn to above, I will often be pulled out of that particular type by amazing features on a particular dancer. I have tipped for eyes. Yes, I have tipped for big bulges. I have tipped for bubble butts. I have tipped for smiles. And I have tipped because a dancer was a helluva nice guy.
(Pic Above: Wildmen Of The West at Anvil in Phoenix, AZ for Furidays)
    My advice to male dancers or potential male dancers who have feelings of inferiority about their bodies to shake it off and let the customers and fans decide. Who gives a sh*t what the haters think! And if the customers and fans like you, that's all that matters. You are there to entertain them. If they are being entertained and you are enjoying yourself, then it must be working!
Spunk at Manhattan Monster Bar - NYC
    I would encourage anyone to think of your body in terms of health, not appearance. If you are wanting to lose a few pounds, you do it because you have set a goal that will make you healthier - physically, mentally and emotionally. If there is a particular venue that hires dancers with a specific certain physical appearance, and you really want to work there, then make changes in your lifestyle to reach that goal. If you are happy with the way you are, then embrace it and enjoy it.
(Pic Above: Dancer at Club Cobra in North Hollywood, CA)
    Let me also make it clear that if you are what the gay community defines as a bear, you're most likely not going to be hired by Chippendales. So what? There are several clubs that hire only bear type dancers. And remember, a skinny Twink isn't going to be hired by Chippendales either. Every male dancer must find their audience. They are out there. If there isn't a club in your area that caters to your body type, then build your audience one person at a time. One of the reasons some dancers are hired frequently is because they bring an audience with them. They have a following. A following means butts are in the seats, with beers and cocktails in their hands. If you can bring a big enough following, you can work any venue that you desire.
(Pic Above: Dancer at Club Cobra in North Hollywood, CA)
    If you are a hater, basher, etc., GROW UP! Most people know that it is your hate for yourself that causes you to be negative and hateful to others. Anyone who has chosen to follow this type of behavior needs to deal with their own issues. Let's all be kind to one another. We are living in a very hate-filled time. Please don't contribute. Until next time, stand with pride and shake what Mother Nature has given you!

Click below and watch those sexy French Canadian boys!

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital

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