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HOT THEMES ~ January Tips And Ideas For The Exotic Male Dancer And Show Directors

   New year, new monthly blog. For 2019 we are starting a monthly blog that will highlight some of the themes of each month. From those themes we will provide tips and ideas for costumes, performances, music and more. We want to be the jumping off point where male dancers and show directors are inspired and develop their own ideas. We hope what we provide will help to jump-start your creative juices.
What's hot in January?:
Movies    Aquaman has been doing great at the box office. Put your creativity to work and come up with a related costume. We've placed some ideas found on Amazon below. We recommend the full costume only for male strippers who will be taking it off during their performance. For male dancers and go-go boys, be sure and show some skin!

Television   The final season of Game Of Thrones starts in April. The advertising has already begun on social media. Do a google search for Game Of Thrones and click on images to get your creativity started. Since winter has come to Game of Thrones, most of the costumes are going to have the men covered. This is ok for the male strippers as they remove them. All others should use bits and pieces of costumes but be sure and show some of what Mother Nature gave you in order to keep the customers interested and encourage tipping. For those who enjoy leather, this is a great option in which to get wild and crazy.

    Sports. Professional football, basketball both college and professional, and hockey are great sources for costumes and underwear choices this month for male strippers and go-go dancers. This could include team uniforms and colors. And don't forget the coaches and referees. Full costumes will work for male strippers. Team jerseys and underwear or underwear with team logo printed on it are good for other male dancers and go-go boys. Official team jerseys can be pricey so t-shirts will work just as well. Choose your favorite team! Add a whistle and blow!

Featured Underwear   This month we recommend the Andrew Christian Retro Brief for male dancers. We like the way it fits the boyz in the front and grabs the globes in the back. The color and material also helps to accentuate a great vpl.

Music   Creating a music mix which includes some of the latest movie or television soundtracks adds a theatrical element to your performance. Include some of today's top hits in a mash up. We've placed a few below for inspiration. Go with what moves you! Bohemian Rhapsody has been a top box office movie this past month. Work your favorite parts of a song by Queen into your act.
Aquaman Soundtrack
Game Of Thrones Soundtrack

Promo Photo   The promo photo below from The Chippendale male dancers caught our attention on Instagram. Catching a person's attention is the purpose of a promo photo. What we feel is important is 'why did it catch our attention?' We list the following reasons: The photo works because the dancer's body is amazing. The lighting is dramatic and places all the focus on the dancer. The use of a cane holding up the hat to cover the dancer's junk is erotic and makes us wonder what is behind the hat. Consider these points when creating your next promo photo with your favorite photographer. The purpose of catching the viewers attention with this photo is the schedule of appearances directly below. Ask yourself 'what is the purpose of your next promo photo?'
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Featured Ad - Why do we like this ad?    We love this ad because it grabs your attention, provides all the needed information, and makes us want to know more about the event. How does it do that? First, the word 'verga' means cock in English. Second, the pic is hot! The expression on the model's face and his appearance leaves no doubt that he wants to be checked out, and of course we do. We are drawn to look at his hot ass and then we move on to check out the rest of his body. And for us, we are a part of the audience that would be interested in a man wearing a cowboy hat. We see that there is a great drink special that is running all night. And, the important info like the date, name of the club and although in small print at the bottom, the location of the club are all provided. Ask yourself, do our ads catch the viewers attention and then does it provide the necessary info they need to come to the event?

  • Ground Hog Day - Saturday, February 2
  • Super Bowl - Sunday February 3
  • Chinese New Year - Tuesday, February 5
  • Valentine's Day - Thursday, February 14
  • President's Day - Monday, February 18

    Did we miss a theme for the rest of January? Please let us know what you think in the comments below, or click here and send us feedback through our website, or reach out to us on social media. Thanks for reading. We hope this blog has inspired you. Now go and create!


Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital
Click below and watch those sexy French Canadian boys!

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