Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Then He Winked At Me! ~ Club Review: O'Connors Club 20 ~ Columbus, OH

Photo Source: O'Connors Club 20 Facebook     J.R. Jones ~ Bartender
    I recently had the privilege of visiting one of my favorite neighborhood bars. It's called O'Connors Club 20 and it is located in Columbus, OH. It's one of my favorite for several reasons but first and foremost is the people who work and/or play there. Everyone is friendly and has a smile for you. And although all smiles are nice to receive, there is one smile in particular at O'Connors of which I am especially fond. That would be the infamous J.R. Jones' smile. I swear when he's bartending and gives me that smile, I know I'm going to be drunk off my ass before the night is over. Those who have experienced it know what I"m talking about. We keep going back to get another and another and ...
Photo Source: O'Connors Club 20 Facebook     In pic: J.R. Jones and Abortia Clinique
    If I am in Columbus for a weekend, you will find me on Sunday night at O'Connors Club 20 for Abortia Clinique's Show N Tail Sunday. Abortia (A.K.A. Bryan Richardson) always has a sexy show full of hot male dancers. And the night I was there was another Top Shelf night. I met and tipped Dane and Joey for the first time. And got to see two of my favorites, Sterling and Trouble. More about the boys later. On this night I experienced a first. I was introduced to nipple pasties by the lovely and talented Butterfly. I didn't see that coming! I'm always ready for new experiences and yes, I did tip her. I've probably not been that close to a female titty since I was a mere baby. To all of you gay men who just gasped, please know, I did survive and had a fun night!
Photo Source: Trouble's Facebook     Dancer ~ Trouble
    The bar was packed front to back. You literally had to work your way through the crowd to get to the bar. But with the thought of J.R.'s smile waiting at the bar I managed to slide, grope, tug, and squeeze my way successfully. And honestly, I don't think the boys in the crowd knew that it was my hand. I was lucky enough to get a seat at a table right in front of the stage. I mean, I could reach out and touch the performers, and did. I tipped from my chair. Talk about lazy audience participation. But hey, it worked for me. I had the best view in the house and all I had to do was worry about getting another drink and tipping the dancers.
Photo Source: Dane's Facebook     Dancer ~ Dane
Note: Pic above not taken at Club 20
    Abortia introduced the performers and during the night they each did 2-3 sessions. It was really great to finally get to meet Dane. He's such a nice guy. We had chatted a few times online and I was happy to get to meet him in person.
Photo Source: Sterling's Facebook     Dancer ~ Sterling
    Although I love Sterling, my partner LOVES Sterling. It makes my night to see him happy like that. And it was great to get reacquainted. And Sterling, thanks for the cowboy number. I'm the one that said, "Oh shit!" when you came out wearing the hat and boots.
Photo Source: Joey's Facebook     Dancer ~ Joey
   I've been following Joey online for the past year. Gosh I love that wirey, tight, sexy body! And when he comes out in leather, well, my mind goes places with him that I can't talk about here.
Photo Source: Trouble's Facebook     Dancer ~ Trouble
    I have been a Trouble fan for a couple of years and was really happy to see that he was scheduled for that night. I mourned when he retired from dancing for a while. Then cheered when he returned. I very much enjoyed seeing him wearing a jock strap for one of his numbers. I do so love that cute butt. But, I'll have to say that the highlight of that night for me was when Trouble winked at me. It wasn't a sly, quick wink and then move on. There wasn't a question of whether he was winking at someone over my shoulder. No, he was winking at me. Remember I was right there in the front. Right at the stage, I could reach out and touch him and did when I tipped him. All I can say is that the experience caused a stir deep down inside me. Oh, and did I forget to say... he didn't wink with his eyes!
Photo Source: Joey's Facebook     Dancer ~ Joey
    If you live in the Columbus area or will be visiting, I strongly recommend O'Connors Club 20 and Abortia Clinique's Show N Tail Sundays. Stop in and enjoy the show and smiles! I also recommend any of the dancers in this blog and the talents of Abortia Clinique. Contact them to perform at your bar/club or venue. Links to their social media are above. Until next time, remember to tip the dancing Boyz! Tip them double if they smile and triple of they wink!

Click below and watch those sexy French Canadian boys!

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital

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