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GIFTS 101: Give Packages To Your Favorite 'Packages' ~ Give Your Gift Early! ~ We'll Tell You Why

Photo Source: Michael Hill      Model: Austin for Males In Motion
    Have you considered giving your favorite exotic male dancers a gift this holiday season? If they put a smile on your face and a **Jingle all the way!** in your pants then add them to your list. We've put together a few gift ideas in this blog. We recommend that you buy now! One of the items all male dancers love is underwear. If you buy it now, and give it to them in early December, they will be grateful because during the holidays through New Year's Eve, there are many events and parties where they are asked to perform. In this blog we will recommend underwear brands, styles and colors. In an upcoming blog we will recommend accessories to go with the underwear. We'll suggest a gift ideas list that includes such items as fragrances, shoes, socks, snacks, gear bags and more.
Gift Ideas For Male Dancers
    The best way to determine what underwear to buy is to investigate what they are currently wearing. If this is going to be a surprise for them, do these two things. Attend one of their performances this week and as you are tipping them, check the label on their underwear. Slide the dollar in the front, then ask them to turn around so you can tip the back. As you are sliding the dollar into the back, check the size on their underwear. Then as soon as you can, write down the brand name and the size or put it in a note or list on your phone. If you are buying for several dancers, just think of all the fun you will have checking brand names and sizes. If the gift is not going to be a surprise, then ask them what brands they like and what size they wear.
    There is a wide price range on men's underwear. High end labels will have a high end price tag.
    There are several popular brands that are not as expensive. Shop for price and shipping to get the best deal. I've listed some more economical brands at the bottom of this blog. We're providing ideas and suggestions in this blog. You may have another source that you like to buy from. No problem. The main thing is to enjoy your shopping for the dancing boys!
    Our tips and recommendations:
  • Styles usually allowed at all venues:
      Boxer Briefs, Briefs, Trunks
  • Styles not allowed at some venues:
      Thongs, g-strings, jockstraps
  • Styles to avoid:
      Boxers (They cover up too much)
      There are a few that are fun though.
  • Colors: Red, White, Black
      (Good for most themes and events)
  • Color: Mike's favorite color is orange
      so he is partial to male dancers wearing
       underwear in this color.
  • Solids or prints?
      We prefer solids because you can see more,
      but it's up to you and what the male dancer
      likes to wear.
  • Give underwear gift to the male dancer in its original packaging. Do not open it. Gift wrapping in holiday style is a nice touch as well. Underwear can also be a part of a gift basket or gift box. We'll provide instructions on putting together a gift bag/box in an upcoming blog.
  • Avoid most mega-store underwear brands: Hanes, Fruit-of-the-loom, etc. These are what I call utility underwear. They'll work to get the job done but are usually not very stylish.
   I've added a few economical styles and brands of underwear below. Some are knockoffs from China. And some are discounted for one reason or another. Some of them do not have a brand shown on them. If the male dancer is popular with the customers, then who cares what brand of underwear he is wearing. Remember to check both price and shipping to obtain the full cost.
   I am not a brand snob. If the male dancer looks good in the underwear then I'm happy. "Good" could mean he has a great VPL showing; Or, his bulge is enhanced by the underwear; Or, his bubble butt is framed amazingly. Well, if any of this is happening, then I"m happy.
    Below are a few of our favorite current looks. Check out the animal face print thongs bottom right. We also like the sexy job that Andrew Christian underwear does for the male dancer.
    We didn't place any obvious Holiday style or print underwear in this blog but if that is what you are looking for, CLICK HERE for several pages full of options. Also, remember the one who dances in the bedroom for you! Until next time, have fun shopping and let me know the response you get from your favorite male dancers.

Click below and watch those sexy French Canadian boys!

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Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital

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