Tuesday, November 20, 2018

GIFTS 101 Part Two: When The Underwear Drops, What Is Left?

Photo Source: Michael Hill      Model: Austin for Males In Motion
    As a fan, we all love tipping a male dancer. We challenge you to take one step further and give a personal gift that will bring a smile to their face, and make shopping more fun during the holidays. In part one of this blog, GIFTS 101, we discussed buying underwear as a gift for an exotic male dancer. When we drop the underwear, what is left? In this blog we add in the accessories or extras that you can place with the underwear to make a memorable holiday gift. The gifts are centered around what a male dancer will need while performing, getting ready to perform or after he has finished his performance. If you haven't read GIFTS 101, please CLICK HERE and read it so you'll have all our tips on buying a gift for your favorite exotic male dancers.
Popular Men's Fragrances
    The first item that I would recommend you add to a sexy pair of underwear is a seductive fragrance. Men's colognes can be a bit pricey. We'll provide a list that includes options for those who have no money worries and those who work closely on a budget. Below are some of the top selling brands and fragrances.
   Below are a few more economical options for fragrances. The sample packs provide a variety of different popular fragrances at a small price. This will give the male dancer several options. You can ask them at some point which they liked best and purchase that particular fragrance for a future gift. We also recommend that you stop in a local department store and use the fragrance sample testers to see which fragrances you like the best. Ask for their prices, then compare them to the prices we have listed here. Choose the best price wherever that may be. Remember to always factor in shipping if an item is purchased online.
Click Here for more fragrance options for men.
Gear And Accessories
    When a male dancer performs several things happen that provide clues for gift options. Hair care and grooming are important. We think shoe laces in a variety of colors is a cool addition. The dancer can match the shoe laces to the color of underwear they are wearing for that session. A male dancer needs a duffle bag or other bag to carry their items to and from the venue. They will sweat while dancing so a towel would be a nice addition to their gear. We've listed a few possible associated gifts below. We'll also be posting an upcoming blog with instructions for making a gift basket or box for the male dancer that will include some of these items and others not listed below.
Hair Care
Click Here for more hair care options.
Click Here for many more gear options!
   Hopefully we have given you a few ideas of what to add to the underwear gift for a male stripper. Until next time, thanks for all you do to help keep the boys dancing!

Click below and watch those sexy French Canadian boys!

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