Thursday, February 6, 2014

They'll Steal Your Heart
Exotic Male Dancers Who Have Grabbed
Our Attention!

(Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital)

   You've been talking about them and we've been listening. We're listing eight exotic male dancers that our blog readers and Facebook friends have been talking about. It seems they have stolen the hearts of their fans and we think that's something to celebrate for this Valentine's season!

(Photo Source: Evan's Facebook Albums)
   The first time you see a pic of Evan there is obviously a 'wow' factor that engages. Evan has so many 'talents and attributes' that he's worth a face-to-face or face-to-? visit at a Club where he performs. Check his Facebook page to find where his talents are being displayed this week.

(Photo Source: Brenden-John)
   Chris has become one of our favorite head-turners from Southern California. And it doesn't matter what he wears, he ALWAYS looks good! He is expertly presented often in the work of photographer Brenden-John.
(Photo Source: Allan Spiers)
   The combination of great humor and a hot body is lethal. That's what you get with Victor. Catch him at Spin's famous Shower Show in Chicago!
(Photo Source: C. Marcelo)
   It's easy to fall under the spell of Joey. We at Males In Motion have done it several times. He remains a favorite of our readers and one of our's as well. Click here and check out our previous blog featuring Joey.
(Photo Source: Chino's Facebook Page)
   Chino is one exotic male dancer that I can speak about from a personal perspective. He can be compared to a dining experience at an exclusive restaurant. Everything is the right temperature, seasoned to perfection, and matched with a fine wine. There is so much about Chino to enjoy that it's hard to point out one particular attribute. Chino performs at Boxers N Briefs near St. Louis, MO. He's extremely photogenic. I've told him before that it is impossible for him to take a bad pic. And in case you didn't know...Boxers N Briefs is a fully nude club!

(Photo Source: Chris Harder Facebook Page)
   Chris Harder is an entertainer extraordinaire. You can see him as a vaudeville style burlesque performer, go-go boy, porn star, and so much more. His fan base keeps growing and it's no wonder. He's one of the hardest men working in the industry these days. Check him out and see what all the fuss is about!
(Photo Source: Bryce's Facebook Page)
   Bryce is no stranger to the Males In Motion blogs. He keeps popping up. He's the hot, sexy, foul-mouthed, smart ass of the exotic male dancer entertainment industry. And we and many other fans love him because of it. He's appeared at many clubs including Xroom, The Hartford Polo Club, Partners Cafe New Haven, Adonis Lounge (NYC)...and this year he has started his own male revue with the Men Of Eden.

Click here to read our previous review of Bryce and click here to read our blog featuring the Men Of Eden.

   You can reach the Facebook pages for these dancers by clicking on their pics above. Have a great Valentine's Day (Week, Month, Year)!!! Until next time, let us know which male dancers have stolen your heart. Let them know this week in your tips!!

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  1. Chino, St. Louis, Boxers n Briefs...Class act. Genuine human being. Go see him. You'll be extremely pleased and will thank yourself you did. Great review. Happy Valentine's Day.