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The Twelve Days Of Christmas
Males In Motion Style

(Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital)
   For the 2014 Holiday Season, I have posted the dream gifts that I would receive from my true love. These were posted one day at a time before Christmas 2014, following the Twelve Days of Christmas formula. Please feel free to be my true love for a day during any season, and buy me one or more of the featured gifts.

(Photo Source: Various Facebook Pages)

   The iconic American Cowboy is my favorite costume for the exotic male dancer. There is just something about the hat and the boots that pushes all my buttons. So, it comes as no surprise that I might want 12 of my very own cowboy dancers for Christmas. The above male dancers were found mostly in Texas but I did slip one in from Kansas City, MO. Some dance specifically for the ladies only, but that's ok, there are plenty to go around. I invite you to take a ride in the saddle, tug on the reins, and stop by their watering hole for a whiskey or two. Below is a list of online ranches where they can be found. Note: Several of the pics were taken by C. Marcelo of Dallas, Tx.

(Photo Source: Share Nightclub Facebook Page)

   My philosophy about Las Vegas is... "what happens in Vegas, gets told to everyone!" I mean, I have so much fun in Vegas so why shouldn't I talk about it! And if you go to Share Nightclub, you're going to have plenty to talk about. First and foremost, all the eye candy! If I was a betting man, I'd say that someone at Share is a size Queen. Have you seen the size of some of those man parts? The fabric on their underwear is stretched to the breaking point. And I for one am truly grateful! Thank you size Queen! I'm ready for a trip to Vegas and a stay of eleven nights, particularly if many of them are spent at Share.

(Photo Source: The Corner Pocket Facebook Page)

   The Corner Pocket in the French Quarter of New Orleans is the kind of place you wouldn't take your mother to. Well, I wouldn't take mine anyway. If she walked in and saw those scantily clad boys on the bar, she might have a heart attack. And then if they started one of their wet underwear contest, I would probably have to pick her up off the floor. But that's ok, for what I have in my dirty mind, I don't want Mama to be there anyway. ****Evil Grin*** And all that filthy mental playtime brought to life, is what I want for Christmas this year!

(Photo Source: various)

   In 2014, I had the pleasure of getting up close and personal and tipping each of the male dancers above. You probably never have this happen but each of them has cauased a naughty thought to pop in my head once or twice since. They are some of my favorites. Below I've listed where you can find them for your own naughty thoughts.
TOP ROW (left to right): Jake, Men of Skin and Andrew Christian model, Kansas City ~ Troy, X-room, Springfield, MA ~ Carson, Men Of Skin, Kansas City. MIDDLE ROW (left to right): Zach, JM Productions, Columbus, OH ~ Gabe, X-Room, Springfield, MA ~ Reese, The Bamboo Lounge, Tulsa, OK. BOTTOM ROW (left to right): Houston, Boxers N Briefs, St. Louis ~ Hollis, Area 18, Tulsa, OK ~ Spencer, Stockbar, Montreal, QB.

(Photo Source: The Floppy Rooster Facebook Page)

   The Floppy Rooster has risen to prominence in our eyes during the past year. As the "Only All Nude Gay Gentlemen's Lounge" in Miami, we've heard arousing stories, and have seen pics erected on Facebook that has caused a stir. For Christmas, Males In Motion is firmly hoping to see in person, at least 8 floppy roosters at this club in 2015.

(Photo Source: G Lounge Facebook Page)

   I depend on the G Lounge to provide my weekly fix of hot male go-go dancer pics in New York City. The dancers are not shy and provide their photographers with ample opportunities to get the money shot, or the ass shot, or the bulge shot, or the... I have just one thing to say, "Thank You!" And if great photography is what you like, check out Edwin Pabon's limited prints on the walls.

(Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital)

   For me, Bamboo Lounge in Tulsa, OK has breathed new life into the shadow dance. And of course, it doesn't hurt when a dancer has the ability to cast a large shadow between his legs. What's in the stars for the Bamboo Lounge? All I can say is that I know what the stars are covering in the images above. "Star light, Star bright, first star I see tonight. Wish I may, Wish I might. Have the wish I wish tonight!" Click here and read my recent review of the club.

(Photo Source: Global Male Productions Facebook Photo Album)

   Consistently sexy! I have been keeping an eye on these guys for years! Their Facebook posts keep my wall hot as fire! If you live in Southern California head to San Diego and see the boys at one of the venues where they perform. They pop up in other areas of SoCal as well. I'll toss those five golden rings if I can have five global males.

(Photo Source: Men Of Skin Facebook Photo Album)

   The Men Of Skin are home-based in Kansas City, MO. I have traveled to see them several times and in different locations. The guys have a customer oriented mentality that always keeps me coming back for more. You can find them every weekend at Missie B's in KC. There are more than four of them but I"ve included four of my favorites here as a Christmas wish. Like their Facebook page so you can catch their latest appearance. You'll find their pics featured in many of my blogs and shared online. Click here and read one of my reviews for Men Of Skin.

(Photo Source: Stockbar website)

   After several years of watching the nude male dancers online, I finally made it to Montreal this past summer and saw them in person. I love the club and those French Canadian accents. Make it a destination for one of your vacations. I can't wait to go back. Click here and read my review of Stockbar from this past summer.

(Photo Source: Bryce's Facebook Photo Album)

   The balls of Bryce bounce in many locations! You will find him dancing in New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut and other parts of the Northeast. Get to know him and you'll become one of his fans which he calls the "cockwatcherz". We recommend that you "follow the bouncing balls"!

(Photo Source: Gabe's Facebook Photo Album)

   Recently crowned "Mr. X-Room", Gabe moved to the top of my list this past year after a visit to X-Room in Springfield, MA. Yes, I have enjoyed a lap dance from Gabe. And I Want Another One!!! Click here and read my review of X-Room At Mardi Gras.


The Nude Male Dancers of Stockbar in Montreal
Click the pic and see much more!

(Photo Source: Stockbar ~ Montreal)

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