Saturday, August 20, 2011

Male Stripper Costume Tip 7: Putting Together A Working Look - Fantasy Enhancement

   Explore your fantasy! Exotic Male Dancers are all about fantasy! Their fans come to clubs, events, and parties to let off some steam, have fun, and escape inside a fun and exciting world for a few hours. The savvy male dancer can pick up extra tips and new bookings if they are willing to participate in the escape and make sure the tippers have a good time. The fantasies of male stripper fans are varied. For the most part, if you have a great body, you can just show a lot of skin by wearing very little clothing and most will be happy. But, if you want to be remembered, then take it to the next level by playing on their chosen fantasy playground. (Photo: Rich's in San Diego)

   The fans of male strippers can vary in their particular favorite fantasies. I know fans who get all hot-and-bothered over military men, army, navy, air force, or marines. Show up in military dress and they are murmuring the 'mmm-mmm-mmm' in the background. They've already enjoyed their mental fantasies of the soldier down to his skivvies. The exotic male dancer becomes the object of their fantasy. And they are ready to turn over the cash-in-hand. (Photo: Numbers in San Diego)

   If you have read very many of my blogs, you have discovered that I love cowboys. If you play into my fantasy, look good while doing it, and do it well, then the money in my pocket will be yours. If an exotic male dancer wears a cowboy hat, then I will be up and tipping in no time. If he has added a pair of boots, then I will move a little faster to get to the stage. If he started out in full western wear including those all important tight wrangler jeans, and slowly stripped down to a thong, cowboy boots and the hat, then circle the wagons because you're going to need some serious back up. That's my fantasy. I've already stored the mental, visual and verbal triggers in my head for the cowboy fantasy, all the dancer has to do is set off those triggers and use them to his advantage. (Photo: Logan~Apollo Male Dancer).

   Others I know are particularly fond of men in leather...harnesses, chaps, kilts, pants, shorts, shirts, vests, or jocks...and add in the accessories like leashes, wristbands, whips, etc., and they will be rushing to tip. If the dancer is familiar with the leather lifestyle and can call them the appropriate "sir" or "boy", then 'katie bar the door', they'll come unglued. Of course, while stuffing $1 bills into that leather jock. (Photo: F*Word at Splash in NYC)

   The world of sports is always a great place from which to pull a fantasy look. And although that baseball player may be hot on the field in his skin tight uniform, he is even hotter when he is still wearing his baseball cap, maybe cleats and uniform socks, and then a jockstrap. Of course, as far as I am concerned, any athletic fantasy should include the dancer stripping down to a jockstrap. The locker room has served as the backdrop for many interesting escapades. The football star and the head cheerleader (female or male) are American cliche but still sexy. Competition swimmers and divers increase the viewing audience for the Olympics every few years, along with the men's gymnastics team as well. And although we are all cheering for the good ol' US of A, we're also checking out the bulges in those speedos and spandex uniforms. And we can't forget the cyclists either. As you well know, we could go on and on with this category, but I think you get the idea, and have entertained a few of these in your private moments before. I therefore conclude, if the exotic male dancer is wearing a jockstrap, this fan will be there to place a few singles in those butt straps. (Photo by Michael Bernal from F*Word at Splash in NYC)

   My fantasy male revue show would travel to clubs across North America. Each night would unfold like this...
  • we would start out with a cowboy and he would be fully clothed with black hat (the bad boys always wear black hats), black duster overcoat, black western shirt unbuttoned to the navel, a silver sheriff's badge pinned to the chest, blue bandana tied around the neck, skin tight wranglers with a baby blue thong underneath, chaps, black belt with large rodeo champion belt buckle, a holster holding a pistol on each side, and black cowboy boots with spurs. He rides into the sunset wearing only the thong, hat, boots and spurs.
  • James Bond type in tux finishing in black bow tie and black boxer-briefs
  • army private in and then out, of camo fatigues
  • baseball player with cap, jockstrap, uniform socks, shoes, and holding his bat
  • a cyclist riding in on his bicycle dressed in a black and yellow spandex uniform and helmet. Shuffling around the stage with all uniform around his knees.
  • a fireman carrying a big hose, with helmet, coat, no shirt, pants and suspenders, and boots...walking off stage with only his helmet to cover the 'boys'
  • Leather Daddy in full on leather from head to toe with two leashed leather boys in tow wearing nothing but leather thongs, boots and harnesses...and the thongs are removed to show the harnesses go all the way down to the cock rings.

   Ok, enough for my fantasy night. I want to hear about your's. Send me an email or add a comment below and let me know how the dancers in you're fantasy male revue show would be dressed, and then undressed. Until next time, keep daydreaming, and don't forget to tip the boyz so they know what you like!!! (Photo: MJs Bar in Los Angeles)

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