Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Forecasting A Heat Wave In South Texas - Apollo Exotic Male Dancers

   There's a heat wave in the southern U.S. borderland. Travel south from San Antonio on Highway 281 and you'll find McAllen, TX. The Apollo Male Dancers call McAllen, TX their home and they serve the south Texas region with some of the hottest male dancers on U.S. soil. The dancers serve up a male revue type show for the ladies. They also make appearances at alternative clubs in the area.

   Of course, with my partiality toward cowboys, my attention was immediately drawn to the pics of male dancer Logan (right and above). And in the promo materials of Apollo Male Dancers, he is referred to as Cowboy Logan. All I can say is that the ladies of South Texas need to saddle up their horses and ride into town for a show with the Apollo Male Dancers. And I encourage a tip or two slid into this cowboys waisteband, whether that be a pair of wranglers, or less.

   Their facebook page states that the Apollo Male Dancers service the entire Rio Grande Valley providing hot male dancers for private parties and nightclub performances. Ladies can book their favorite Apollo male dancers for private events by texting or calling 956-358-2221. You can also visit their website for more information.


   Ready to schedule the Apollo Male Dancers yet? Well, I've added this little pic to the right, (well, the pic may be little) to encourage you to pick up that phone and text or dial. I think you can safely say it will be well worth it. Tip Logan a dollar for me!


   Until next time, enjoy the heatwave in South Texas! Dig deep into those saddle bags and tip the Apollo Male Dancers! And if you're not close enough to watch Logan and the guys perform, tip the dancers in your area. And if you find any cowboys, remember to let me know.

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