Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Men Of Arrow ~ Rock Stars Of A New Breed ~ Nashville, TN

   They're young, sexy, talented and ready to party! They'll turn your world upside down, over-and-under, and sideways. But don't expect them to trash your hotel room or set it on fire. They're not looking for publicity stunts. They are the Men Of Arrow from Nashville, TN and if you saw them walking down the street, you might mistake them for the latest rock band that everyone is talking about! There's no doubt, they will put on an excellent show, but watch for them as they take the pole in hand and forge a path of a new breed!

   You've no doubt seen male pole dancers at a bar or other event. Well, forget all you know because the Men Of Arrow take this style of dance to a whole new level. These young men are passionate about using their athletic skills to entertain the crowd (both male and female). And I feel compelled to mention that those athletic skills are performed by sexy male bodies, so yes, ladies and gentlemen, they are exotic male dancers who love to work their magic for your pleasure. And just so you know, there are some events where the men perform fully nude. That of course depends on the type of event, location, and the wishes of their client.

   So, do I now have your attention? Let's just say that whether nude or wearing clothing, the men are easy on the eyes. I recommend that you keep up-to-date by friending them on their facebook page. The guys, Jonas, Stunner, Vegas and Ace, perform in venues around the Nashville area and nearby states. But they are not limited to those areas and are available to travel across country to a location near you.


   We met the Men Of Arrow on a recent Friday night in Nashville, TN at the club Trax. The guys set up an outdoor venue on the patio. We were privileged to not only get to watch the men peform, but also got to spend some time just getting to know them. My facebook post to them about the night was "Enjoyed meeting you guys last night. You can't beat sexy, talented men, a stiff drink, and southern hospitality. Thanks for treating us like family!"

   If you have followed the Males In Motion blogs for the past year, you may remember Jonas (pic right). Jonas was selected as one of the Top 10 Exotic Male Dancers for 2010 because of his outstanding performances at Club Arrow in Nashville. The club has since closed but Jonas has helped to put together the Men Of Arrow and has taken them on the road.

   The Men Of Arrow will be performing this Friday and Saturday night at the club Pulse Off Center in Little Rock, AR. Watch the Men Of Arrow facebook page for more upcoming events and performances, and to view videos of some of the guys performing at past events. Until next time, I'll see you at the pole. And don't forget to tip the boyz!

NOTE: Ace was not available the night we were in Nashville. That is why there is no pic of him in this blog. But that is good for you. That gives you a nice surprise when you go see the guys perform.

Photo credit: Michael Hill Photography


  1. Omg just saw jonas and the fellas at IP in cape girardeau, MO. I wanna know where the pix of Dirty and The beast are!!!! Whew!!!

  2. lol im famous .....beast