Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Seven Great Underwear Looks For Male Strippers

   It's no secret that one of our favorite clubs for exotic male dancers is MJ's in Silverlake, CA. The male dancers are always sexy and seductive. And we've noticed that they always look great in the underwear, jockstraps, or costumes that they have chosen.

   Have you checked your underwear drawer lately? Is it time to update? Sexy new underwear is always welcomed on the stage, in the VIP room, or even in the bedroom. We've listed seven different options that are $15 are less. These will take you from late summer into the fall season. All products shown below can be purchased from Nuwear. Click on any pic to go to their site. You can find other options more expensive.

Private Structure #8 Games Boxer Brief
We like the "Games" printed on the butt. It suggests that maybe a little playtime can be expected.

Doreanse White Low Rise Bikini
White looks good in so many different situations and under almost any lighting condition. And in a wet underwear contest it is always most revealing.

Good Devil Suspend Pouch
We like it when the 'boys' all are pulled up into a pouch and presented for display. And of course, an exceptional bubble butt should not be hidden behind clothing.

Male Power Neon Micro Bong Thong
Focus their attention on you with this neon green number. Tipping is definitely fun for the fan when dollar bills are slid behind the green fabric.

Nuwear Panel Bikini
  If you've got it, flaunt it! Emphasis is placed on the pouch in white. If that pouch stretches large for you, these are perfect for you, and makes the crowd rather happy too!

BumGear Neon Collection Brief
Even the name emphasizes the butt in this Bumgear product. If mother nature has blessed your sweet cheeks, then showcase them in this brief.

Diesel Yellow Fresh & Bright Brief
Diesel products always provide a great fit. The color of this brief will make sure you are seen wherever you are located in the bar! And the fabric snugly fits every bulge and contour. It's a dancer's "sure thing"!
   I hope you've found a little inspiration for your next dancing gig, event appearance, or intimate moment. Update that underwear drawer. Take a pic and email to me. Yes, I am a voyeur and love to see men in their underwear. Until next time, be sure and tip the boyz...and tell them how much you like the underwear they are wearing!

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