Friday, August 5, 2011

Club Review: Swinging Richard's (All-Nude Male Strip Club) ~ Atlanta, GA

   Imagine this. Six hot, well-built, beautiful men dancing on the stage before you. By the third song, they are fully nude. Each and everyone is well equipped for the job. They are handsome, when you want to stop and look at their faces. They have great physiques, when you want to stop and observe the rest of the package. Each one is, shall we say, well hung. And for the ass man, well, there is plenty to be happy about from that angle as well. My face was stuck in a permanent grin the entire night. That is Swinging Richards the Saturday night that Males In Motion stopped by.

   We had visited Swinging Richards several years ago and the experience had been enough for us to always desire to return. This summer we finally were able to make our way back to Atlanta, GA. By arriving just before 8:00 p.m. we did not have to pay a cover charge. This gave me a few more dollars for tipping the boys. There is a $3 parking fee but it is well worth it. The parking lot is just outside the club and by arriving early, you will be able to get a spot in the lot.

   I started the night with a dirty martini. You won't find cheap drink prices here but once you start watching the dancers, you don't care. I paid $10 for the martini plus a $1 tip. My partner paid $8.50 for a Jack and Coke plus a $1 tip. I had a few more drinks throughout the night and the prices were slightly higher than at a regular bar.

   I wasn't sure what time the dancers would hit the stage and was pleased to see a nude dancer performing, pole-in-hand (pun intended), as I took my drink and found a seat at a table near the main stage. During the first hour the dancers would rotate one at a time but more dancers were added as the night progressed. There were two, then three, then four, until there were six dancers at a time on the stage. Their sessions were usually for 3 songs. During the first song they were fully clothed or in underwear. For the second song they went to underwear, or would pull their underwear down to reveal more of their physical assets. Then by the third song, most were nude. It was hinted that they don't get fully nude unless they have received $10 in tips. That may be but most were usually nude by the third song.

   When you step up to the stage to tip the guys, the dancers will step forward and if nude will 'swing' their junk in your face. There is no touching aloud. The dancers wear arm bands where you place your tips. And if the dancer happens to be wearing his underwear when you approach to tip, do not worry, he will pull it down low enough to swing the big guy in your face. And yes, they are big guys. I imagine that their is a size requirement to work at the club. If not written, I am sure that there must be a visual inspection that helps to eliminate those whose proportion doesn't make the cut. (NOTE TO SWINGING RICHARDS MANAGEMENT: If you need someone for the job of making those inspections, I am available. I have lots of experience. No, I'm not a whore, but have been to a lot of nude male strip clubs. And yes, I would do it for free. Just let me know when I need to move to the Atlanta area. Tonight you say? Ok, I am on my way.)

   There were at least 35 different dancers performing on this Saturday night. They all had different looks and physical attributes. There was a dancer that could catch the eye of any customer that walked through the door. Of course, everyone has their favorites as well as myself. My favorite for the night was Skyler. He can actually dance, is cute as hell, killer smile, and a hot body. I saw him only twice on stage during the night. I have the feeling that many other customers in the VIP room and elsewhere must have liked him as well.

    Other dancers that caught my attention were
  • Gavin (hot body, cute face...the eye contact and smile pulled me right to the stage.)
  • Daniel (great body, best ass) smile...*pausing to daydream*

  • Antonio (tall, slim, well-defined african american, well-endowed)... all I can say is that I very much enjoyed standing at the edge of the stage and looking up while tipping. Woot!

  • Rue (wore a football style jock, athletic body)...fits that fantasy we've all had of the encounter with the athlete.

  • Austin (wore cowboy boots, and you should see the low hangers)...and as you know, cowboys do it for me.

  • Brennan (the most sensual dancer)...he had some sweet moves and it was fun to watch him move his body. He was especially hot during some of the slower songs.

   The bar backs and shooter boys are every bit as fine as the dancers. We watched a bar back work the room on the opposite side of the club. He was tall, good looking, and obviously a regular at the gym with a broad chest and narrow waist. His body knew how to wear a pair of jeans. We kept waiting for him to wait on us but he only worked the other side of the room. There was only one solution to that problem. So, being the shallow, eye candy followers that we are, we moved to the other side of the room so he could wait on us. And he did. Thanks Steven, you were great. We enjoyed every minute of your time that we received. I'll admit it. I purchased more drinks just so Steven would have to come back to my table. Hey, many gay men do this, but I'm honest enough to admit it. (Did the bar owners/managers/bartenders hear that? Steve was very hot...and we purchased more drinks than we probably would have because he was so hot. It's just gay male/straight female basic behavior in a place like Swinging Richards. So, keep hiring the hotties!)


   At midnight Swinging Richards holds a "T-Shirt Dance". All the dancers who are not already busy in the VIP room are called to the stage. The audience picks a dancer and for $20 receives two lap dances and a Swinging Richards t-shirt. I selected the dancer Kyle. My partner and I shared Kyle for the lap dance. The lap dance was in the main area of the club and Kyle was fully nude. He has a great body and was a total sweetheart. Thanks Kyle we had a great time! We recommend Kyle for all your lap dance needs!!!


   We placed Swinging Richards in our TOP 10 Exotic Male Strip Clubs for 2010. They are sure to remain in our top 10. If you are a serious fan of exotic male dancers, you need to make Swinging Richards a destination on your list. I have visited this club five times in the past few years and I have never been disappointed. The dancers always look like they've walked out of your fantasies. Many, if not most of them are straight men, but provide a quality experience for the gay men who make up most of the clientele at Swinging Richards. It is probably a good thing that I do not live closer to Swinging Richards. I am afraid that I would be broke more often than not due to tipping the dancers at this club.


   Until next time, plan your trip to Atlanta, GA. And at this point I always say "Don't forget to tip the boyz!" But when Swinging Richards is involved, no encouragement is needed. You won't be able to help yourself. Tip them and let them "Swing Richard in your face!"

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