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Mike's Top Ten For 2013
Clubs For Exotic Male Dancers
In North America

   In this blog we present our choices for the Top 10 Clubs For Exotic Male Dancers in North America for the year. Let me make this clear. This list is subjective. The selections are based on feedback we have received from our blog readers, friends, emails, facebook posts, twitter posts and personal visits by our staff or representatives. The list is not in any particular order so they should be viewed as a group. Our list saw a big change from the past. There are still some familiar names but several new names have been added, and some old friends have been dropped from the list. We welcome your feedback and comments toward creating the list for 2014.
   Swinging Richard's - Atlanta

   The men at Swinging Richard's deliver time after time. Several of our blog readers had an exceptionally good time at the club during 2013. We've been watching this club for several years they are consistently high quality in beautiful male dancers. And they dance fully nude. Swinging Richard's in Atlanta has remained my favorite male strip club for several years.

   No Parking Bar - NYC
   No Parking Bar first came to our attention from the HOT photos they were posting on facebook. The dancer's were amazing. Then when some of our blog readers discovered the bar for themselves, their popularity with our fans began to rise.

   Here - West Hollywood
   With it's Stripper Circus and Hooker Casino nights, Here had our attention. They experienced a little hiccup this past year supposedly because of lewd conduct by go-go dancers. Well...I don't say those allegations are true, I just say that, the report made me like them even more. Their grand reopening is January 3.

   Share Nightclub - Las Vegas
   Based in America's Party City, Las Vegas, Share Nightclub provides the place to dance the night away. But it's also for those who seek a drink and some excellent eye candy. Your pleasure can be found while watching the movements of the go-go boys.

   Stock Bar - Montreal
   Our neighbors to the north have become known for their sexy male dancers. The city of Montreal is home to several male strip clubs worth visiting. We like Stock Bar because they make it possible to share the experience with live streaming online. Hot and nude male strippers with sexy French accents. It's a combination that stirs one up inside.

   Boxers N Briefs - St. Louis
   A great place to celebrate your birthday! I have. A great place to enjoy watching and tipping male strippers. Place those dollar bills in their socks because that is often all they are wearing. It's one of those unique places where you can make friends with the dancers and staff as well.

   Real Luck Cafe (Luckys) - Pittsburgh
   Luckys, as the locals call it, was introduced to us this past year and we took notice. One of our representatives was in the area and chose to check out what the club had to offer. Our rep was impressed and so glad he decided to visit. So glad, that he wrote a review which was posted in a blog.
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   BJsNXs - Dallas
   The cliche is that "Everything is bigger in Texas." Well, our experience has found that to be true. That has brought us back many times to BJsNXs in Dallas. We have become acquainted with former dancers and current dancers at the club who show us without any doubt that 'big things' can be found in this state. Our talented photographer friend, C. Marcelo, often captures the boys with his camera as in the pic above.

   XRoom at Mardi Gra - Springfield, MA
   Several of our blog readers make regular treks to see the XRoom male strippers. The former Xstatic group moved this past year to be a part of the XRoom at Mardi Gra. We know of fans who will travel across New England to visit and tip their favorite dancers at XRoom. With that type of fan loyalty, we felt they deserved to be placed once again in our top ten.

   Adonis Lounge - NYC
   Adonis Lounge has found a way to obtain both quantity and quality at the same time. Twice each week they present some of the hottest men on the planet. And where else can you go to see 30+ male dancers at one time? I recommend you click the link to their website and sign up for their email newsletter. You'll get a preview of which guys will be performing that week.

   That's our Top Ten for 2013! I'm sure there are other clubs that host some great dancers as well. Let us know about them. We'll keep our eyes open and watch them for 2014. Before I close the blog I have one last honorable mention. I adopted a bar a few years ago to be my home bar for exotic male dancers. This bar is Mojo's in Tulsa, OK. I try to visit the bar any time that I can. Tracie, Brian, Wes, Steve and all the dancers and staff always make me feel at home. And I always have a good time when there. If ever in the area, stop in for a visit and see the Men Of Mojo's. Tell them Mike from Males In Motion sent you.
   Until next time, get out and find your Top Ten in 2014 and let us know about them. And most importantly, don't forget to tip the boyz!

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