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HOT THEMES - February Tips And Ideas For The Exotic Male Dancer And Show Directors

Photo Source: Michael Hill
What's hot in February?:
    Welcome to the February Hot Themes Blog! This blog highlights some of the themes related to the month of February. Our goal is to provide inspiration to male dancers and show directors. We want to be a spark to ignite their creativity for shows and performances. This month we are featuring a classic romantic movie icon in honor of Valentine's Day.
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Movies    James Bond is a book and movie character that embodies the ideal tuxedo wearer. The tuxedo is a costume that plays a major roll in weddings and special occasions. We think James Bond would make a great character for a strip tease. The tuxedo costume and the James Bond theme song (provided below) are a must for this character.
Photo Source: online
    Purchasing or renting a tuxedo can be costly. We recommend that you speak with a tuxedo rental shop and see if you can work a deal. Ask for free use of the tuxedo in exchange for free promotion for their store. Let them know that when you perform the DJ can give the store a plug such as "Tuxedo provided by ...". You might also offer to pay for dry cleaning services after you have worn it. Be sure and have someone take several pics of you in the tuxedo before you strip out of it. Post these pics on social media and give the store another free promotion in the text.

Music    We've listed some of the theme songs from past James Bond films that we think would work as a part of a male stripper performance, or invite a drag queen to get involved or make it a theme night. The James Bond films are known for their Bond girls.

Featured Underwear   This month we recommend the Andrew Christian CoolFlex Boxer w/ Show It for male dancers. We like the great vpl. If you've got the junk, we say show it off in this boxer brief. Click the pic and make a discovery that fits your body.

Promo Photo    The male dancer Levi (above) performs at X-Room at Mardi Gras in Springfield, MA. This is a nude club. There are so many things we love about this selfie style promo pic. First, it captures a teasing look on his face. He seems to be saying come and find me at X-Room. His tattoo artwork is displayed for those who have a tattoo fetish (and there are many of them). And of course, the pic leads our eyes to travel down his torso to a glimpse of what lies beneath his briefs. I also like the fact that it shows that he has pulled his pants down to show all of this. We get a male strip show all within one pic. I personally love X-Room and Levi is one reason why.

Featured Ad - Why do we like this ad?    The pic of the sexy athlete wearing basically only his cup is very hot! The cup first catches our attention because of course, we're going to look there. We love the theme "Keep It In Your Cup Party"! The play on words to say, keep your junk in your athletic cup and/or keep your cup full of your favorite drinks. The model has a nice muscular body which we're going to visually travel around on for a little while.
   All of the needed information is in the ad such as location, address, time (9pm-2am), and the day is Friday for the week it was posted. A date would have been nice but I'm not sure yet, maybe it is for every Friday. I recommend that whoever is in charge of promotions at your venue, use this ad for an example. Basics: Pic that catches the attention of the customers. Catchy theme text. And all the needed information so customers can find the venue and attend. And the added bonus is encouraged customer participation as in 'wear your cup' to receive Happy Hour prices 9pm to 2am.

Cocktails    In the novel "Casino Royale" by Ian Fleming, James Bond orders a Vesper Martini. Ian Fleming created this cocktail and we've included a youtube video below with instructions on making it. The bartender explains that it is an acquired taste. Remember for James Bond the martini is "shaken, not stirred". I am a martini drinker and personally I was not a fan of this martini. After I tasted it, I turned it into a modified dirty martini, my favorite martini.

  • Mardi Gras - Tuesday, March 5
  • Daylight Savings - Sunday, March 10
  • St. Patrick's Day - Sunday, March 17
  • March Madness NCAA Men's Basketball
    Begins Tuesday, March 19

    Did we miss a theme for February? Or a date in March? Please let us know what you think in the comments below, or click here and send us feedback through our website, or reach out to us on social media. Thanks for reading. We hope this blog has inspired you. Now go and create!

    Did you miss tips and ideas from January? Some of the ideas are still valid to use at other times during the year. Click the pic above and see what you missed!


Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital
Click below and watch those sexy French Canadian boys!

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