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HOT THEMES - March Tips And Ideas For The Exotic Male Dancer And Show Directors

Photo Source: Michael Hill
What's hot in March?:
    Welcome to the March Hot Themes Blog! This blog highlights some of the themes related to the month of March. Our goal is to provide inspiration to male dancers and show directors. We want to be a spark to ignite their creativity for shows and performances. This month we are featuring the classic sexy icon of the American Cowboy. As many of you know, this is a Males In Motion favorite costume and theme.
Movies    For those of you who may think the western movie is a thing of the past, "The Kid", a western movie starring Chris Pratt and Ethan Hawke opens this month. The cowboy is an American icon that never goes out of style with male stripper fans. Check out the trailer for the movie below to set the tone and get you in the mood for thinking about a Western theme night at your club.
   For the male stripper, the cowboy costume may involve a few more pieces of clothing than a go-go boy. I recommend that you check your local Goodwill Store or other similar type shop. Depending on the area of the country where you live, you may be able to find western shirts, and possibly a pair of cowboy boots. If you are not wanting to create your own costume this way, check Amazon and Ebay for costumes. And of course, you can always do a Google search for cowboy costumes as well. The main ingredients of the costume are first, the hat, and second, the boots. A bandana can be found at Spencer's Gifts, and some discount stores like Walmart. And of course, you can always find them online. Click here for a previous blog I wrote with tips and suggestions for a cowboy costume.

Music   If the area where you'll be performing enjoys country music, then you'll have no problem finding music for the show. If the area does not like country music, no problem. I recommend you go with classic rock music. I've placed several different options below to get the ideas flowing.

Featured Underwear   This month we recommend the Andrew Christian Bandanna Brief with Almost Naked for male dancers. The bandanna design fits perfectly into the cowboy theme. The fit works all the way around showcasing your best assets.

Promo Photo    Piranha Nightclub in Las Vegas is one of the premier clubs for go-go boys. Their male dancers are some of the hottest and raise the standard for go-go boys. The club is also one of the best at promoting the fact they have these high quality barely covered male dancers. The promo pic above is one of our current favorites. The dancer is captured in a provocative and vulnerable position. Is anyone tempted to reach out and cop a feel? We're all thinking it whether we act upon it or not. This pic is a great promo pic because we stop scrolling and take a moment to check it out! That's what a good promo pic should do. Placing the name of the club on the pic is simple but genius. If someone decides to save it to their favorite pic file, or share it, the name of the club is still promoted. In my imagination, I can also see this dancer wearing a cowboy hat, bandanna around his neck and cowboy boots.

Featured Ad - Why do we like this ad?    The first thing we like about this ad is the pic of the hot male. It is a tease pic. He is wearing a pair of underwear that pulls 'the boys' forward and puts them on display. He raises his shirt up to tease us with his amazing abs. And the look on his face says "Wanna play?" We'll stop and look at him. After we have checked him out thoroughly, we read over the ad and find all the necessary information concerning what will be happening at the club on this night. The date is there. The location information is there. The activities of the night are listed as well as those involved. This ad is a sample of how to make a good promo for an event night. The only thing that I feel would make it even better is if the male featured in the ad was also one of the male dancers that will be performing at the club on this night. That would give us an even stronger motivation to attend. From this ad we are not sure if he is or not. If you want to focus this ad with the cowboy theme, select a similar pic with the hot male wearing a cowboy hat. Never underestimate the importance of a good advertisement. Getting bodies to come through the door and spend their money is the goal. That is how the club stays financially successful and the door stays open.

Cocktails    The cocksucking cowboy is a perfect shot to promote on a cowboy themed night, particular in a gay or alternative club environment. The cocksucking cowboy is also known as a buttery nipple. The video above provides the easy two step process in creating the shot. I have enjoyed this shot many times.

Time Change - Daylight Savings Time Begins - Sunday, March 10
Photo Source: Michael Hill

  • April Fool's Day - Monday, April 1
  • U.S. Taxes Due - Monday, April 15
  • Easter - Sunday, April 21

    Did we miss a theme for March? Or a date in April? Please let us know what you think in the comments below, or click here and send us feedback through our website, or reach out to us on social media. Thanks for reading. We hope this blog has inspired you. Now go and create!

    Did you miss tips and ideas from January or February? Some of the ideas are still valid to use at other times during the year. Click the pics below and see what you missed!


Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital
Click below and watch those sexy French Canadian boys!

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